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Are you a gamer who wants to improve your skills? Ducky Miya Pro Beijing is the best keyboard that will help you to have the most incredible skills. The keys are also perfect and reliable when it comes to office use.

The Ducky Miya Pro Beijing opera is detailed in two: Ducky X Vaimilo keyboard and a Cherry red switch. The cherry-red switch is easily accessible, and its red-light makes it a preference for both typing and gaming.

The Ducky Miya Pro Beijing opera is available in three keycaps;

  1. Alphas: They appear in a white two-shot PBT that has black legends.
  2. Modifiers: They are made of a red two-shot PBT that has black legends.
  3. Modifiers: They are made of a grey two-shot PBT that has black legends.

This type of keyboard’s brand name is Duck X Vaimilo, and this name helps the users and buyers differentiate it from other keys.

The model name is MIYA Pro that is unique from other versions of the same item.

They are made of MX switches that work fast without resting, making gaming more comfortable and quicker.

Its physical arrangement of keys is that of US QWERTY, which is more common and best for fast typing or using the keyboard.

The software has a logical layout of ANSI, and this defines its behavior and design activity.

Its frame color is black, a natural color that everyone loves and prefers.

It has a full USB Key rollover that detects when many keys are pressed at the same time.

The keyboard has multimedia keys that facilitate the performance of special functions.

The type of switch-mount this keyboard has is in plate form. The good thing with these keys is that they are compatible with windows, mac Linux and you can use them almost everywhere.

The top of the frame is a solid plastic material, as well as the bottom edge.

There is no primary LED color, nor a control LED color.

The keys have no in-built port for audio nor an inbuilt mic.

The keyboard has 68 keys, which are multifunctional to help in doing every typing work.

The keyboard weighs 2.29 lbs, which is equal to one kilogram. This means that it is light to be carried to anywhere you would wish. This weight allows you to also use it on your laps without tiring.

Its size is not too broad nor too narrow; it is 65% with the dimension of 4.13 inches long, 13.27 inches wide, and 2.09 inches high, advantaging portability.

Its cord length is 60 inches, which can be stretched to more than one-meter distance.