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Are you a fanatic about colors? Do different hues sparkle something inside you? Yes, color is what beautifies anything and makes it look lovely and admirable. From the outside of this keyboard, the frame is navy blue, a beautiful color to view.

Ducky one 2 mini-Horizon keyboard has three keycaps colors. These colors are Blue, orange, and black keycaps. These colors give the keyboard its uniqueness and balance. The orange key brightens and glows the dull, black, and blue keys.

No falling off of the keycaps! The design of the keycaps is a sleek bezel. This feature enables sturdy and proper covering of the keys in place.

What about the typing experience? A little bit quiet. The plastic keys only allow the creation of less hoarse sound while typing. No one likes it when they type, and everyone else can hear the disturbing sound. This keyboard solves it in a way.

The PBT keycaps are just but extra-ordinary. They are;

  • Mechanically strong
  • Resistant to liquids
  • Strong enough to survive up to 150-degree Celsius.

These keys are also durable, unique, and you can be sure of their performance reliability.

The interface is stylish, detachable, and sparkling white. Near the end of the interface is a USB type-C portal. No lagging for your mouse-The USB HID has a polling rate frequency of 1000Hz. This high frequency means your mouse sends signals to your computer 1000 times in a second.

This keyboard will give you maximum comfort. You can adjust it to the height of your choice using the three-level angle keyboard stand.

Advanced technology is critical in Ducky One 2 Mini-horizon. With the option of 6-key and N-key rollover, this board can handle several random key presses. The signal stability is also high, and life expectancy is, beyond doubt, long.

The switches for this keyboard are Cherry MX and only need a trigger, and you are good to type or play. The switches also have dual layer PCB, which provides support when mounted to the keyboard. Though, like most gaming keyboards, this keyboard has no LED backlighting.

The dimensions for this keyboard are; 302 mm long, 108 mm wide, and 40 mm high. The keyboard only weighs 590 grams. Hence, you can carry it anywhere at any time. The frame’s material is plastic, and the size is only 60%.

This mechanical structure is powerful enough to support ducky macro-2.0. Ducky macro is known as the most powerful equipment in the market.