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Ducky one 2 SF is your perfect keyboard for editing and gaming. Did you know that the initials SF stand for sixty-five percent, which is actually its size? Now you know. This is a small but sure keyboard that you need to try out.

This keyboard has a small bezel design, and its frame is similar to its predecessor. The difference comes in when this ducky one 2 SF merges two colors on the bezel. These colors match the different keycap colorways. You can visualize the outcome, beautiful and awesome to gaze at.

If you want the best typing experience, you should try the ducky one 2 SF keyboard. The keycaps are seamless PBT double-shot. They are strong and sturdy and provide a guarantee of stability and durability.

The switches are of the best quality and famous CherryMX. These switches are strong and can support millions of keystrokes. They can serve you for longer periods causing no alarm of replacing them.

The interface has a USB port that you can attach to your detachable Type-C USB cable. This cable will not fail you in transmitting information across the keyboard and your PC. It has a frequency speed of 1000Hz and transfers information in milli-seconds.

You may station your wrists in one position till you tire while using some boards. But not with this keyboard. It has a rubber pad stand that you can adjust to fit your height of choice. This rubber pad enhances grip and ensures you are comfortable as you type.

When inside your room playing your games, nothing adds life other than seeing sensual lights on your keyboard. Ducky one 2 SF is diversified with RGB lights to brighten your room and give you enough reasons to sit in front of your PC enjoying your favorite hobby.

These RGB lights have fully customizable hardware. You can interchange the key settings according to your preferences. These RGB signals have high signal stability and longer life expectancy.

You can be sure to enjoy a brighter performance with this technologically advanced keyboard. The keys have an n-key roll-over option. When you have typed many keys simultaneously, your keyboard can detect and distinguish each without ghosting.

This ducky has a special layout. Each key performs a complete function. The four arrow keys, page down, page up, and delete keys, can perform this designated function without merging or intertwining.

This mechanical keyboard weighs 635 grams. Hence very portable even in your small carrying bag. Any minimalist traveler can use it anywhere. The dimensions include 325 mm long, 108 mm wide, and 40 mm high.

The keyboard also allows you enough space to place your mouse and hands.

Lest we forget, the plastic top is sturdy and strong enough to hold your keyboard. It is also durable and can serve you for a long period.