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Durgod is the brand popular for its different kinds of keyboards. It offers modern and classic features in their keyboards with varying ranges of price. The Gaming GK61 is a choice for endorsing a decent mechanical keyboard on budget. The GK61 is a fantastic foundation for anyone who wants to improve their gaming performance and immerse themselves in their first mechanical keyboard. It can be updated over time, too, really budget-friendly. It is ideal for most typing and playing activities, including excellent design to the brilliant interface and lightweight layout. The software is a little extensive, but you will have a great gameplay experience with GK61 if this is not a problem.



For ease of functionality, the USB-C cable is removable. All the features explained below:



The pleasant appearance of the GK 61 is entirely different from the 60% of the other keys from the first glimpse. It features a standard ANSI interface, which makes swapping damaged or incorrect keycaps very simple. The GK61 is a 60 percent compaction lightweight mechanical keyboard with an optical switch, stabilizer, various RGB effects, and varied layer programming. The GK61 comes with an aluminum plate and a heavy plastic case. It is also very safe and well assisted by the panel and PCB. On your back, the keyboard cannot slide around, though it has four rubber feet.



The GK61 switches accessible include Black, Blue, Brown, Red, Silver, and Yellow Gateron optical switches. In spring weights and lightness, this gives you more choice. When typing or playing, the GK61 visual keyboard switches are supportive. They ensure quicker response rates and increasing the keyboard’s overall durability. You can quickly swap the switches when you need not connect them to the PCB. This keyboard is waterproof IP68 as well, at least they believe, and the optical switch is useful.



The Geek GK61 has proper RGB lighting, allowing for up to 16.8m color per LED and a smooth transition among animations. This keyboard uses SMDs or LEDs placed on the surface and features a small glass material to raise the light to a very high degree. Multiple backlights and effects and a single light are possible. The backlight settings can restrict, and the luminosity levels changed as you like. The 21-level adjustable setting is especially suitable for the GK61 keyboard.


Typing and Gaming

The optical Gateron red switches are sensitive to touching whenever it applies to typing. The optical red Gateron is comfortable and easy to shift the keys, ideal for rapid typing skills. It would benefit if you also remembered that the auditory and sensory feedback is not as noticeable as Gateron optical brown and Gateron optical black switches. It also offers an excellent overall game efficiency and is a good pick for all gamers and passionate people. Although the red key switches’ low power on the Gateron optic doesn’t help every time you type, it’s fun for players.