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So you have a great blog, update it frequently and have loads of regular readers. Excellent! Now it’s time to capitalize on that popularity and start earning money with your WordPress blog. Read on for some of the simplest and most effective ways to cash in with your blog.


One of the most obvious ways to earn money with a blog is through advertising. There are several ways to go about this, including WordPress Affiliated Marketing, Google AdSense and the WordPress Advertising Plugin. Explore to see which option may work best for you.


There are two main ways to make money with a blog through sponsors. First, you can review products. There are many companies – including very large corporations – which will pay you to review a product on your blog. Just be sure that the product relates directly to your blog – there’s no sense in reviewing a tech gadget if your specialty is pasty baking.

Sponsored posts are similar to reviews, but a bit longer. Instead of recording a video or writing a blog specifically about one product, sponsored posts involve you using a product in your post. To use the baking example again, you might post a video recipe for croissants using a particular brand of butter. During the video, you would drop in a few mentions of why that particular butter makes spectacular croissants.

Paid Content

Creating exclusive, member-only content is a time-honored way to encourage membership to your blog. You can create different levels of membership and offer special rewards for each one, or keep things simple and have only one. Special member rewards can include access to exclusive videos or posts, live webinars, member forums for discussion or personal question-and-answer sessions. Remember to set up an easy way for members to pay – an automatic payment system is ideal because it encourages continued membership and takes away the hassle of another bill to pay each month for your members.

Digital Sales

Selling digital products is another excellent and relatively easy way to earn money through WordPress. You can write a short e-book using your expertise – there are many templates available which make this far easier than you may imagine.

Selling paid webinars or online teaching courses is another easy and fun way to earn money. Sticking with the baking example, you might set up a webinar in which you take viewers through a complicated recipe step-by-step. Online courses require a bit more work, but also offer more potential cash reward. You could set up a course on a particular type of baking, such as French pastries, or a beginner’s course outlining basics like necessary tools and essential skills.

As you can see, making money with WordPress is limited only by your imagination, so get started today with a freelance web designer singapore!