Today all of us own smartphones and they are not cheaper. An average price of smartphone is almost $220 which is not a meager price.

Sometime you think of to get a new phone and sale out your old phone but you got hurt when you get low bucks for your older phone because it is not in good condition.

It is important to have regular maintenance of your phone and keep it clean to make it function proper and to have good resale value.

Below are few tips and tricks to maintain look and performance of your phone.

Buy a case for your smartphone

There is nothing worse than this when your smartphone fell accidentally and you could have a serious financial loss because smartphones are not cheaper. Smartphone often slips from our hand or fall accident then we should be prepared for such conditions before. It is recommended that you should get some good case for your mobile so you can easily prevent your mobile from getting damaged.

Get a screen protector

The touch screen of the smartphone is the most delicate part and you have to be very careful about it so that it doesn’t get scratches on it. Moreover, it also keeps your touchscreen safe when your smartphone falls accidentally.

Keep it dust free

It’s natural that after a few days your smartphone got dust around its touch screen and speakers. Too much dust on your smartphone slows down the speed and dust particles also penetrate in the speakers which can cause damage to the speakers. Dust particles also penetrate inside the case. So, it is recommended that you should wipe out your phone with soft cloth piece to remove dust particles and also remove the case to wipe the backside of phone and space around its cameras.

Install Authentic Apps

Above all methods are related to external maintenance and now talk about some internal maintenance tips. So, the first tip is never to download any mob application from an external source because downloading from unauthentic sources can cause harm to your device and expose your personal information.

Remove unused apps

Most the default apps in your phone are often idle and you don’t use them so its better to uninstall these apps because they are just increasing the battery consumption. Always keep those apps in your smartphone which you use regularly.

The second things you should do are that always update apps regularly.