The PHP language is a server-side development language. The lines of code written in this language are not visible to users, but the results and the generated HTML code are. To test the work when done, the developer needs to turn the station he works on into server. The server environment needs some modules to be installed and some configuration to be operated to create the required environment. The required modules are gathered and distributed under the name of Easyphp. Actually, the Easyphp package is more than a server-like environment; it allows all the features required by the PHP pages to work properly; even the database connectivity for which the package has the easiest CMS used by a freelance web designer Singapore.

Introducing PHP and MySQL:

PHP is a server-side web programming language. It is executed by the server and users can only see the results of the execution.  It is a secure language and it supports various functionalities. Moreover, it allows creating development frameworks which are mainly used to create back-end web applications. MySQL is the adapted version of the SQL language to the PHP language. This form uses simple and easy queries to insert into the PHP code in order to investigate the database. Indeed, all database operations are performed by the simple command ‘mysql_query’.

The code editors for PHP:

Actually, the PHP language uses all common web editors, from the simple and classical MS notepad to Adobe Dreamweaver. The important thing is to remember to save the written file with the extension “.php”.

Introducing Devserver:

Devserver is a core module of Easyphp. In fact, Devserver is the plugin that handles the server emulation. This package is the development package. It creates the local environment to visualize the PHP codes related to the web development and the application development. The package includes an Apache server and a MySQL database, and the elements that execute the PHP code as accurately as possible.

Introducing Webserver:

The webserver is another interesting package that you can install along with Devserver. Webserver allows you to host your website on your computer and share it. It creates a web hosting environment. Therefore, if you want to have complete control of the website you are about to launch, and if you can achieve what it takes to ensure a stable hosting server, then you may benefit the technology of local hosting using powered by the Webserver package.

The database management:

The Easyphp packages include a database handler which facilitates the database management. Indeed, the interface of the MySQL manager allows defining the database and the tables and all the associated properties such as database and table names, field’s creation with names and types of inputs, etc. This process generates the equivalent MySQL codes that you can insert in the web page code; otherwise, you are done.


The Easyphp package works just as the WAMP packages and the XAMP packages. Somehow, it has some particularities. These particularities are particularly related to the Webserver features and the easiness of database management. The other two types have their own features and they seem to be important to explore.