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Companies and individuals running businesses especially freelance web designer singapore are today urged to have an online platform that allows them a wider market outreach and more visibility. The purpose of the website is to increase sales and maximize the profits, whether it is about physical products, digital products or services. The website should be created according to several principles with these purposes in mind. Yet there are many mistakes that a web designer has to avoid in order to create a good website that works properly; that fulfills the goals and complies with the web standards.

Mistakes related to the web page code:

Coding the web page is important for SEO purposes, responsiveness and compatibility.

HEAD and Meta tags:

Head and Meta tags are to be written and filled properly in order to comply with the Search Engine algorithms. Omitting some data from the meta tags will result in the browser assigning default values; this can dramatically affect the way the website is running.


Some JavaScript codes have to be placed at the end of the HTML code because they need some input to run properly. When they are load first, they won’t have inputs and they are likely to bug the page leading to a time-out warning.


Avoid stuffing tags especially font, div, with styles’ attributes. as

>font type=”” color=”” size=””<;

It induces high volume of code and an increased loading time. Writing proper style sheets with well-defined pointers will do the trick.

Mistakes related to the content:

Texts and images:

It is common to find some texts printed in images. This has two results that affect the website functionalities and ranking: 1) it increases the loading time, and 2) it prevent from reading the texts.

Disproportioned content:

There are some websites where pages are really stuffed with content to the point they become hard to explore. There are some other which have very few content that they lose pertinence. The number of pages has to be set in order to allow a well-proportioned presentation.

Bad hierarchy:

Organizing the content randomly will result in a bad links creation and therefore a difficult to browse the website. Simple hierarchy helps to build the mapping and allows the website to rank in good position.


These compiled mistakes are the headlines of several and commonly made mistakes. The exhaustive list can include specific codes such neglecting H1 tags, using styles attributes directly in tags.The reality is the use of syntax checkers, embedded in web editors, and the obtaining of the W3C validation are the good options which can help optimize the website for the desired purposes. In some cases, using templates is the right option. In general, avoiding the mistakes is the main goal and it is allowed to proceed in any way possible.