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When ‘’Teredo is unable to qualify’’ error message appears on your screen on Xbox, you may not be able to reach other players in a multi-player game mode nor be able to live chat with them. There is no doubt this is a frustrating experience, but it can be fixed as soon as possible if you follow through on one or more of the steps outlined in this article. 

1. Check and Fix Your Network Connection: Teredo is a networking tool used for launching secure connections with multiple clients and servers.  If your internet is defective, Teredo may not work properly and therefore, this is the first place to start addressing the error ‘’Teredo is unable to qualify’’ message. Follow the steps below to check and fix your internet connection issues: 

(I). Launch the Xbox application on your PC

(II). Go to the settings icon and check Network to see if your network setting says ‘’connected.’’

(III). If your internet is connected, jump to Step 2 below to troubleshoot the network. But if your internet is not connected, then fix it first before going further to launch Xbox and see if it works. 

2. Check and fix the Teredo adapter: If the Teredo adapter is not functioning properly because it is corrupt or just not compatible with your system, the error message can be triggered. To address this challenge, uninstall and reinstall any adapter that contains Teredo and afterward check if the problem has been resolved or else follow on to the next step. 

3. Check that IP Helper connected to start-up is set to automatic:  In order for the network protocol to function properly, the IP Helper linked with start-up must be set to automatic. To check this, press R and the Windows logo key at the same time on your keyboard. Type in services.msc in the browser and press enter. This should open the local services and then locate and double-click on IP Helper to open the start-up type. When it opens, select automatic and click OK. Afterward, check if the error message has been resolved. 

4. Adjust the Teredo server value to its default:  If the Teredo server value has changed, this can prevent the network protocol from connecting to the IP address and, hence, the ‘’Teredo unable to qualify’’ error message. To achieve this, run Command Prompt and enter cmd and follow the instructions to adjust the Teredo server value to its default. 

5. Check and Fix unwanted entries: The Teredo error message often arise when the host files get bogged down with unwanted entries. The solution is to delete all these entries and restart your computer to restore its functionality. To achieve this, use the run as administrator on the Command Prompt. Enter cmd in the Windows and click Yes and afterward input 

notepad.exe c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts  

and press Enter. 

Once the notepad Windows opens, press the Ctrl key and F at the same time and then type and click Find Next. 

If you find any entry, delete, and save the changes. By the time you go through each of these steps, the Teredo error message should have been resolved at one or more of the stages outlined above.