Freelance web designers in Singapore have created a new community within the business schemes. In fact, the web design topic has known a real shift with the technological development and the need for an online presence for any business; I other words. The high demands in the digital marketplace have incited more people to join the freelance web designer community in Singapore. This situation has, on the other hand, created an intense competition between the several actors. The direct effect of this competition is how much the freelancer can charge the client. Actually, the rates vary according to the freelance web designer profile and proficiency. The following text would present the common rates proposed by a freelance web designer in Singapore.

The freelance web designers services in Singapore:

The marketplace of freelance web design in Singapore offers a wide list of services. The actors can ensure both roles of designer and developer. In other words, the freelance web designer can take the mockup he creates to the programming level. He handles transforming the design in an efficient website in high compliance with the web principles (compatibility, responsiveness, SEO, security…)

The freelance web design invoice constitution:

The freelance web design invoice in Singapore includes the services you requested and how much they are charged. Each task has a particular price. In the other side, the tough competition between the several actors- the freelance web design marketplace is very active- has induced the prices to go down. This technique intends to attract more clients but it may have negative effects on the freelance web designer portfolio.

The invoice will include:

  • The charge of the web design tasks: with the logo design and the mockup.
  • The web development tasks: according to the languages that will be used and the requested performances.

The freelance web design’s charges in Singapore:

The freelance web design’s charges in Singapore vary dramatically.  A complete and functional website can be charged as low as $400 and can be charged as high as $5000. Of course, the invoice includes the services that the client requests from the freelance web designer. The tasks will definitely include web development for a request of a functional website.


The rates of freelance web designers in Singapore are very variable. Though the service can be similar, the actors do not charge the same prices due to their experiences, portfolios, and client required turnaround. The competition is therefore very tough. The price range may have an appealing aspect, accordingly, it can have negative impacts. It may alter the freelance reputation.