If you are someone who wants to learn about web design, you will easily find hundreds of free tutorials and websites where you can learn the basics of web design. Although there are traditional campus-based certificates and diploma courses in web design, many people prefer learning web design and similar courses online as they offer a lot of advantages. This may even encourage you to become a freelance web designer Singapore These courses are interactive and easy to understand and you will learn according to your pace. To help you out, let’s take a look at a few of the best places online where you can easily learn about web design.

Learning web design online: few best sites and tutorials

  • You should definitely take a look at “Learn Layout”, which will help to upgrade your basic web design skills. Here, you can easily learn about coding languages such as HTML and CSS. These will help to enhance your working skills greatly. However, this site is unsuitable for an absolute beginner who is yet to learn web design.
  • “Code School” is another website with web design tutorials which you will find very helpful as a complete beginner. This is the best place to learn the coding languages with the help of the introductory coding courses. There are only a few courses that one can take.
  • “Dash General Assembly” is the best website to learn about the basics of web design. Newcomers with no prior idea of web design can get introduced to the subject through the interactive tutorials. You will find that there are also basic coding tutorials aimed at web designers. These courses are not designed to offer an in-depth lesson on the topics but a good and basic insight to get started.
  • You should make sure to check out the “Channel 9 Web development” website to learn about the basics of web design and development. The courses are designed to be understood easily as a beginner. To move on to the next level, it is important to learn and master the basics. There are 21 courses for beginners to learn. It may take around a day or less to complete each if all tutorials were watched without a significant amount of break.
  • Alison.com is another best website where one can easily learn about web design and gain a diploma. This course is easy to understand and there are 9 segments of this course, starting with the basic. This course also teaches the beginners about CSS, Adobe Dreamweaver, and HTML etc. You can create basic pages for any website with the knowledge.
  • “Web Making 101” website will offer you with the basic knowledge on web design to help you to get started. Although they don’t teach about dynamic and responsive websites, you will get to learn the basics of designing from the helpful resources provided on the website.
  • Responsive web design has become immensely popular in the current times. As a web designer, you can learn about it through “Aquent Gymnasium”. You will also get to learn about various other topics such as, HTML, UX design, CSS, techniques of design etc. to grasp the basics of web design easily.