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Microsoft Teams is a collaboration hub for teammates providing them with diverse tools such as Microsoft Office or Office 365 among other useful Microsoft applications needed to work seamlessly on projects. While this product is reliable as revealed by tons of reviews in the public space, some users have reported instances when Microsoft Teams would not load or would not open. When this happens, affected users lose productive time as the loading screen get stuck. 

Experts’ analysis of this glitch reveals some possible causes such as corrupt files or corrupt cache password, poor internet connection, incorrect system date or time, a breach of the configuration policies of Azure Active Directory (AAD) impacting privacy and security, conflict of Windows credentials, and downtime of Microsoft Teams server. 

Irrespective of what triggers the Microsoft Teams error, the problem can be fixed by applying one or more of the solutions highlighted below:

1. Resolving any clash of Windows Credentials: If by mistake users input the credentials meant for Windows main account for Office 365, a clash may occur leading to Microsoft Teams unable to open or loading endlessly. To resolve this issue, delete the file containing the default Microsoft Teams credentials. To achieve this, take the following steps: 

(I). Search and open Credential Manager (a tool for adding, editing, and saving login credentials when apps and services are installed) after clicking Start on your computer. 

(II). Choose Windows Credentials and delete two files named msteams_adalsso/adal_context_0 and msteams_adalss/adal_context_1. The login credentials for MS Teams desktop application are stored in these files. This process should fix the issue. You can launch Microsoft Teams to confirm this. 

2. Check and Fix any Incompatibility Issue: For some Windows versions such as Windows 7, running the Microsoft Teams software in compatibility mode may resolve the error if Microsoft Teams would not load or would not open. To achieve this goal, take the steps below: 

(I). Choose Properties after right-clicking MS Teams.exe. This command will open a Window containing application properties such as Security, General and Previous Version. 

(II). Move to Compatibility tab and check the box next to Run this program in compatibility mode for and choose Windows 7 from among the operating systems available on your computer. To make Microsoft Teams run on Windows 10 the way it runs on Windows 7, click Apply and OK. 

(III). Restart your computer and launch MS Teams to see if the problem has been resolved. Instead of following the steps outlined above, you could Run Compatibility Troubleshooter which will enable Windows to automatically detect and fix any issues that may have existed. 

3. Uninstall and Reinstall MS Teams: This is simply the easiest way to recover your Microsoft Teams from loading endlessly or it fails to open. However, this should be your last option if the previous solutions fail to resolve the MS Teams error message. Hit the uninstall button for Microsoft Teams and completely uninstall the app and afterward reinstall the latest version of the app.