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Flash player plugin is a famous application that allows running video files on websites. The application needs to load the file then display it. But, recently, there have been claims of certain issues related to the implementation of such plugin. With the technological evolution, the enhancement of the media revolution has put the media player using flash technology in suspicion and risks to condemn this plugin forever by a freelance web designer singapore.


Flash player characteristics:

Flash player is initially built by Macromedia company. It allows viewing and playing media video media files as well their streaming. It uses the SWF extension. It is possible to execute some flash games, based on Actionscript programming;  the flash player allows executing complex operations and it can be used in achieving a certain level of interactivity.It has a great flexibility regarding the height and width attributes. For a long time, the plugin is used for displaying flyers and banners.

The use of flash player needs no license to be implemented on the webpage. Yet, it is important to create a script that calls imports the module when it is solicited. It will serve as the default option “open with”.

Flash player issues:

The flash player plugin allows streaming video content and game scripts and run them. It offers a good performance while playing online games. This set of features has created a great number of issues related to the port occupation and the port stealthiness.

Port occupation:

The stream that goes to the plugin while loading the media causes a high port occupation; streaming media is likely to notably slow down the Internet speed; it affects this way the overall browsing experience.

Port stealthiness:

The flash player occupies internet active port for a period which is enough for hackers to send requests and match their signals to the port response. This allows attacks and increases the probability of being hacked or infected by viruses.

Replacement for the flash player plugin:


The flash player owner has allowed a limited access to the code of the plugin; there are very few of replacement plugins. The reality is there are two modules which are no longer in development. The only plugin that may be a good candidate is the Scaleform GFx, but it is only a game plugin.


Perhaps, there is no good replacement for the plugin. The best way to minimise attack risks is the good practices. It is recommended to turn off the autoplay of the plugin and set it to play only when it is switched on manually. This solution is the best method; prevention is the best safety rule that works everywhere.