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Food is one of the major valuables needed for human survival yet critical to find. Hence, once acquired there is need to protect it from all possible wastage. To deal with this aspect, Singaporeans have taken advantage of technology to create apps that are useful in food wastage prevention. Read on, and learn.

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Opening the list is an app known as Treasure. Following huge food wastage in the previous years like 800, 000 and 763, 100 tonnes of food, Preston Wong and Kenneth Han launched this app in the year 2017. Among the subscribers are customers with F & B merchants and hotel buffet restaurants who usually have excess food. Other members include Straits Kitchen at Grand Hyatt based in Singapore as well as Fairmont Singapore. The app is used to buy a biodegradable box and any excess food stuff by simply scanning in a QR code at a restaurant of one’s choice. Additionally, the app is used to make orders for premium dairy products from suppliers of surplus produce.


Next is an app referred to as Olio. This app enables its users to check through any possible listings of both food and non-food products such as food and bags before someone can finally make a decision to purchase anything. The app was first launched in the year 2015 by the British, after it was noted that a lot of food was going to waste. It is now accessed widely by users from different parts of the world, with Singapore having more than 2000 subscribers. Also worth noting is that the app is also ideal for anyone wishing to share ingredients or paraphernalia.

Makan Rescue

Third on the list is Makan Rescue app. This app was established by four friends based in Singapore who after observing that a lot of food was going to waste at events mostly, decide to create an app to combat food wastage in University communities. This app has a provision to send notifications to its users concerning F & B Facilities in their area that give surplus food free of charge. The app’s main subscribers constitute students and staff from National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University as well as Singapore Management University.

In a nutshell, food waste apps in Singapore are a great initiative that must be appreciated by their good works and great services people can access through them. These are wonderful apps that you can subscribe to if you have excess food or want to access the food.