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Looking for a freelance graphic designer in Singapore for your next project?
Choosing one can be difficult and tedious because there are so many of them.
Find out how to select one based on these factors that we will discuss in this blog post.

1) Portfolio

A portfolio of a graphic designer can help you determine whether you should hire the designer. When you are viewing their portfolio, you can roughly tell what is their main style and whether they are suitable to your current project requirements. For example, if you see a portfolio that has majority in black and dull colors, you don’t really want to hire this person for a project that targets kids because usually kids like vivid and colourful graphics that appeal visually. On the other hand, if your target audience is for a fashion industry then black and dull colors may appeal the customers of fashion since it may portray an artistic appeal.
The type of customers in a portfolio is also an indicator of the graphic designer’s experience. If they have done a logo or brochure design for a restaurant and if you have a project for a restaurant, there is a high chance of you choosing this designer as he has the experience and delivered a finished project. This gives you confidence as there is a low probability that this project is about to fail.

2) Cost

When you have received a quote from a graphic designer, there are a few things to keep in mind. One is you pay for what you get. If you would like to buy Salvator Mundi painting by Leonardo da vinci, it will be $450.3 million. For that price, you get a very rare painting. The point is you have to pay if you want to have quality, originality and service.
If you have to pick between 2 logo designers, one that has an impressive portfolio and charges $500 for a design and another that has an average portfolio that charges $200 who would you choose?
It really depends. If your target audience of that graphic is detailed oriented and very picky, i would suggest you pick the $500 to save you from trouble from your customers. If you have a target audience where graphics affect their buying decision, then go for the $200.
How do i know if my target audience will be influenced by graphics?
Some industries that are influenced by graphics

  • real estate/property agents
  • luxury cars
  • restaurant
  • interior design

Some industries that are NOT influenced by graphics

  • steel production
  • ship maintenance
  • construction
  • aircon servicing

3) Service

Before hiring a graphic designer, you can tell whether you are able to get an awesome service from the designer or not.
One way is when you contact the designer, does the designer respond within 24 hours? If he/she doesn’t, it is a sign that they are not interested in your business or they are simply overwhelmed with too many requests. If they respond within 5 mins, that is considered as a good indicator of good service.
Another way is how they handle your request. Are they rude to you or are they courteous in answering all your enquiries? As some designers are strong headed about their design, they may be rude to your requests for a certain design which goes against their principles. However, not all designers are like that some are very courteous and answers all your enquiries until you are confident to entrust your project to this person.

4) Freelance vs Company

Why freelance graphic designers are better than graphic design companies? The most obvious advantage is cost as companies have to pay rental and employee salaries, companies will usually charge higher at a premium. Most graphic design companies are set up to go for bigger projects such as government projects, public listed companies where budget is huge as compared to SMEs (small medium enterprises). A freelance graphic designer is more suitable for startups and SMEs due to cost and also flexibility.
A freelance graphic designer does not have a fixed working hours which means there is no 9 to 5 restriction. On the other hand, you need an urgent change at 10pm in your logo you would be unable to contact the company as operational hours are 9 to 5. With the contact of the designer, you can just whip out your phone and contact them if they are available and willing to help. Do take note that for such urgent requests, be prepared to be charged a premium for their time and helping you get over the line.

5) Local vs Offshore

Engaging a local freelance graphic designer based in Singapore has its own advantages over hiring one from overseas on platforms like upwork. There are so many horror stories of projects going bad because either the designer has not delivered a proper job or went awol during the project. Also, you will not be able to contact them because they are overseas.
If you engage a local designer, they are contactable via whatsapp, phone, live chat or email. They are able to listen accurately to your requirements and worries about the impending project. Also, they are able to meet up with you in your office to discuss further. That is much better than an online platform where you do not know who is that person and whether that person can be trusted.
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