The world is a huge marketplace, where several talents are on display, in different categories; this is also, applicable in the area of programming.

However, there is more to being a programmer than just having a certification or a college degree. It is even more challenging if the programmer is a freelance.

Therefore, to be a good freelance programmer, there are features that will make you stand out, in the midst of multitudes of freelance programmers. These qualities will distinguish a great programmer from a good programmer.

Explicit Attitude

Product or brand is very important to a great programmer. Great programmers are ready to go the extra mile, to bring the best out of the product, any time you call on them. They are willing to make the sacrifice in order to meet urgent deadlines.

Although is not advisable to burden developers with too many deadlines, but this is not totally, avoidable in the real world, which is why great developers are ready to do all within the capability to deliver great products.

Superior Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills are top virtues that work in tandem with great development skills. A Great developer is expected to understand tasks clearly; able to break them down to manageable units, and design a solution in a coherent way.

The ability of freelance programmers to ask questions, helps them to understand the concept very fast, and enable them to develop unique products for each client. Some of them can even speak many foreign languages, in order to communicate fluently with clients from other countries.

Good Time Managers

To be a great developer; it is not negotiable you must be reliable. Strong work ethics is necessary and must show up at meetings as the scheduled time. A priceless skill is the ability to estimate the time needed to complete a task, communicate it to the client, and the ability to deliver the product as stated.

Fast Learning Tendency

One of the qualities of great freelance programmers’ is their ability to learn very fast, mostly, on their own. They should be able to learn new technology without much assistance and should never be intimidated by new inventions or technology.

Good developers are able to process information on the fly. There are times answers aren’t coming, great programmers should be able to talk to others who are in the same field, who can help to solve the problem.

High-End User-Oriented

The fact is, a good programmer does what is asked of them, but a great programmer considers the end users of the product and ensures that the software meets the needs of the target market. Great programmers make sure that the features they are building are of high value, but retract if the feature is not adding expected values.

The world of a freelance programmer is a dynamic one, since the industry is not static, to remain on top of the game, great freelance programmers are always busy adding values to themselves in order to be the best.