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Why choose a freelance Software developer in Singapore?

Cost effective

A freelance software developer in Singapore usually has low operating costs. They do not have staff salaries, office rental or utility bills to worry about. Hence, they do charge a lower fee compared to web design agencies in Singapore.

Faster delivery

A freelance software developer in Singapore usually have small number of clients as they are unable to cope with large volumes. This usually results in faster delivery of work as the developer is able to focus on their clients.

High Quality of work

With a relatively lower count of customers, they are also able to focus and deliver high quality of work. Instead of a random employee assign to your project, you get a dedicated full time developer that cares about your software.


Instead of using an offshore software developer, you can engage one in Singapore as you can enjoy better real time communication and they are also able to understand your company better as they are located in Singapore.

How to choose a freelance software developer in Singapore?


You can tell the style and quality of a freelance software developer via their portfolio. The portfolio showcases their best work over the years of software development.

Years of programming experience

Software development involves programming knowledge such as PHP and JavaScript. These are server side languages that help to customise the logic of the website. Also, it helps to interact with your databases.


Testimonials are a strong feedback mechanism for a developer. If the developer is getting 5 star legitimate reviews, it would mean they are doing the right thing.

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