If you are a freelancer, I envy you, because you don’t have a boss. But if you are a website developer and mastery is the WordPress, that makes you a special breed freelancer.

However, to be at the top of your game as a freelance WordPress developer, it is priceless to possess some qualities that will stand you out in the midst of fierce competition. Having the required qualities will make you excel regardless of competitions, but the need to be the best must be the number priority to survive the market.

Technical Competence

There is no short cut to this, no matter what you are doing for a living; you must be an expert to be reckoned with. This is also, applicable in the area of WordPress development. Just like a writer must be able to put together, captivating words, a web developer must be able to create an aesthetic that will make visitors to the site marvel.

Technical skills are the foundation that you will be building your career on, therefore, mastering required thing like the HTML, CSS, Plugins, and other tools that are important.


To work on the same website repeatedly for many days can be tiring, and something annoying. Couple with the fact that the industry is changing just too fast, every developer must be motivated to keep in touch with last development in WordPress working environment and never give up when working on a stubborn task.

Excellent Planning Skills

WordPress is a haven of activities for skillful, creative, and adventurous developers. However, the world of a creative person is chaotic, by trying to create something acceptable from nothing. Although enthusiasm and passion are important traits, if you are planning to upgrade from hobby to pro, lack of planning can be a serious problem.

Working with many customers and getting the work done by deadline requires a lot of planning skills. Setting out and outlining goals is crucial since you will need to break task to smaller workable units and adhering to deadlines.

Excellent marketing Skills

It is suicidal to shun the aspect of marketing even as a web developer. It is not a task to be left for salesmen who are masters of tricking people to buy the thing they may not need.

Great marketing skills when you are planning to sell plugins, or themes to potential clients, cultivating excellent marking skills will help to convince clients to patronize your wares.


Ability to Tackle Criticism

Criticism is not new in the corporate world; therefore, the ability to manage criticism is one of the features that separate a great developer from a good one. WordPress developer should be open to feedback and in some cases, it may not be good remarks, but it shouldn’t be a big issue since it is not possible for everyone to like your design.

However, learn to improve on weaknesses in your work, which criticism will definitely reveal to you.

The life of a freelancer is a dynamic one, but it’s more fun when you are web development and unique if you are WordPress expert, but you need to brace for challenges that are ahead.