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Why choose a freelance WordPress developer in Singapore?

Cost effective

A freelance wordpress developer in Singapore usually has low operating costs. They do not have staff salaries, office rental or utility bills to worry about. Hence, they do charge a lower fee compared to web design agencies in Singapore.

Faster delivery

A freelance wordpress developer in Singapore usually have small number of clients as they are unable to cope with large volumes. This usually results in faster delivery of work as the developer is able to focus on their clients.

High Quality of work

With a relatively lower count of customers, they are also able to focus and deliver high quality of work. Instead of a random employee assign to your project, you get a dedicated full time developer that cares about your wordpress website.


Instead of using an offshore web developer, you can engage one in Singapore as you can enjoy better real time communication and they are also able to understand your company better as they are located in Singapore.

How to choose a freelance wordpress developer in Singapore?


You can tell the style and quality of a freelance wordpress developer via their portfolio. The portfolio showcases their best work over the years of web development.

Years of programming experience

WordPress development involves programming knowledge such as PHP and JavaScript. These are server side languages that help to customise the logic of the website. Also, it helps to interact with your databases.


Testimonials are a strong feedback mechanism for a developer. If the developer is getting 5 star legitimate reviews, it would mean they are doing the right thing.

Why choose WordPress?

With the help of WordPress, anyone who want to generate content for a website may do so without having any prior knowledge of software programming. Due of its open-source nature and simplicity, WordPress is ideal for its many users.
This makes it a top employer for developers. Nowadays, learning WordPress programming and becoming an authority in the area is a great career choice. WordPress support and development is a lucrative and rewarding professional choice.
Users with coding knowledge also have several alternatives. Users can create their own HTML sections and move them about the website, which increases the level of customisation overall.

What is a freelance wordpress developer?

One kind of web developer is a WordPress developer. They are experts in using WordPress to create websites. They can create both the front end and the back end of a website because they are full-stack developers. The WordPress software can be improved, or a client’s unique website can be created, by hiring a WordPress developer.

How much do freelance WordPress developers make?
It depends on the years of experience of the WordPress developer. It can go up to $150 per hour if the developer is very experienced or as low as $30 for someone who is starting out.
How much do WordPress freelancers charge?

It depends. Whether it is per hour or per project. For a simple website, it can range from $3000 to $10000 depending on the complexity of the project.

How much should I pay a WordPress developer?
You should determine how much to pay based on a few criteria. First, it can be the quality of design whether it is custom created or a template that can be bought off the internet. Secondly, the number of unique page designs can increase the cost of a wordpress website design in Singapore.
What are the fundamental skillset for a freelance wordpress developer in Singapore?

Programmation languages: HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript
Theme and plugin installation
Plugin development
Page builders: Elementor, Divi, Beaver
Database management: SQL, MySQL
Digital marketing and SEO
Github and BitBucket
Web design: UX, UI, site architecture

How much does it cost to hire a WordPress developer?
It can be costly to hire one as a full time developer because you need to contribute to the employee’s CPF in Singapore but it is cheaper when you hire one on a project freelance basis.
What does a freelance wordpress developer usually do?
– Monitored website performance and handled troubleshooting and WordPress issues
– Managed company WordPress website back-end including plugins, tools, and database
– Launched seasonal WordPress themes and plugins updates that lead to a 35% boost in sales and conversions
Wordpress developer outlook

For the past 12 years, WordPress has been the CMS with the fastest growth. WordPress developers are part of an employment industry that is expanding quickly. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that between 2020 and 2030, the employment of web developers and digital designers will increase by 13%.,Job%20Outlook,on%20average%2C%20over%20the%20decade., there are typically 17,900 job opportunities per year.

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