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Web development is a wide concept with two sub-disciplines. The web development is divided into front-end and back-end development. Each of them is made upon programming, yet each of them has its specific set of tools and languages. It is important to decide which one to work on. To do so, it is important to know what makes them similar, and what makes them different.


Front-end development:

Front-end development describes the work done by the freelance web designer singapore┬áin order to offer the visible parts of the website. In other words, front-end development works on the user’s side called client-side.

This discipline requires knowing several development languages and tools that allow realizing the web design. The front-end development works in partnership with the web designing tasks; it uses the mockups and turns them into live and efficient websites.

Front-end development requires knowing the web hosting features. Thus, the developer would proceed with the necessary optimizations and amendments that allow the website to work properly on the designated servers and on the displaying devices.

Front-end developers are supposed to master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP/MySQL; they should also know about development tools and environment as Joomla, WAMP, and WordPress.

Back-end Development:


Back-end development is the hidden part of the web development. In fact, back-end development is oriented to programming the environment where all the front-end works will run. Back-end developers develop the platforms and the software that compile and display the websites according to the web codes. In brief, back-end developers instruct servers how they will understand and run the webpage code.

This discipline requires the knowledge of the more powerful programming languages like Java, SQL, Python, and some others server side working languages in order to program data management protocols.

Back-end developers are more likely to know server technologies in order to perform their development work properly. They don’t really have to worry about the web design or the front-end development since their task comes first.


Front-end and back-end development are perhaps very different. They do not share many components. Though they may share some programming languages, such PHP, the development environment is not the same. The only thing they may have in common is that they work in alliance for the best browsing experience. Users do not care about the work behind the scene as much as they care about what they may see. Considering the two ends of development, the full-stack development may be the highest ranked discipline that you may hear of when it is about web development.