Exceptional is what makes React Native outstanding. This is good news to all native developers. Read on as you learn more about what makes this app really exceptional as compared to other apps there is out there.

  • The Creative ability to create other native apps

Yes! This might sound new to you but it’s the reality about React Native. This is an app that allows you to create other apps for Android or iOS with ease. The JavaScript library makes the app the best of its kind as you can create user interfaces with ease.

In addition, native app developing from the scratch has been made easier with React Native, so you no longer have to stress about getting one running. Interestingly, React Native is also a best tool one can use to add extra value to the already existing native app projects. Wow! You have no excuse not to get the best app running.

  • Can Share the Native Platform

One of the most important features of an app is its ability to share on the native platform. Therefore, React Native had all this sorted for you in advance so that the apps you create will be able to function just any other app working on APIs native platform, since the app gives support by the use of the native UI native platform.

The other important factor associated with using React Native to create native app is that sharing of common technology between two platforms is never a challenge for developers. This is facilitated by creating on single codebase system on one platform, which later can be used to send the code to the other platform that has been established. Consequently, one can keep in check two platforms at the same time.

  • Native Development Capacity

This is a one in a million apps that grants you the opportunity to keep your user’s experience without compromise, for the apps built are completely native. Not to mention the agnostic components that come with the package such as text, image and view that have direct connectivity with the UI building blocks.

  • The Great Connectivity Across Platforms

The connectivity between APIs native platform and the already established native code has been necessitated by JavaScript and the declarative paradigm. In this connectivity ability, React Native wraps the native code in existence to establish the connection without any disturbances.

  • Operates at Lightning Speed-Like

Everyone wants to work with something that would help them keep track of time at all times, and React Native is just the best when it comes to speed. The user can carry out any changes on the native app project and be able to save and even see such a successful operation almost instantly. There is no need to wait for the building process to finish for you to witness what has been changed.

In conclusion with React Native around, things just got better and easily manageable in the world of native app development for Android and iOS. Make use of the app to create the best native apps ever.