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Are you tired of running around from one eatery place to another in search of what to eat? Well, here is a prayer answered just for you. Home cooked food app Singapore is all packaged with you in mind. All you need is to make few clicks on that smart phone, and you’ll be good to go. Therefore, this article is about Home Cooked Food App in Singapore.

Sometimes having the best meal doesn’t need to take going to that expensive restaurant. All you need to get some well cooked food. For this reason, home cooked food can be accessed throughout Singapore in different locations by simply using an app. This means you can easily get in touch with home cooks or someone with excess food to share. All it takes is signing up on the app for both the Home Cooks and prospect clients to create their profiles.

Apart from just having access to someone shaaring food, the Home Cooked Food App can also be used by Singaporeans to order home cooked food at any time. In addition, the app also helps you to make special home-dinning sessions, where catering services can be arranged for events held on a small scale basis.

The home cooked food app also comes with a provision where prospect clients or diners may freely checkout the pictures of food stuffs available in specific locations. As if that is not enough, the customers are also given an opportunity to make reviews on the websites for the app, and this makes it even more interesting when it comes to choosing or identifying the best home Cooks in given areas.

Other interesting features of the app include the provision meant for clients to chat with their Cooks. This means one can easily make orders by giving specific instructions to the Home Cook in accordance with their own preferences, making their home cooked food experience even more memorable.

By the way, just in case you are wondering about the payment modes, there is no need for you to worry about that at all. A number of payment modes ranging from use of credit cards to cash on delivery have been set up for you. The choice is all yours to choose what is more convenient for you.

Last but not the least, in case you might be concerned about the safety and hygienic aspects of getting home cooked food through the apps, be rest assured that all Home Cooks are encouraged to get safety certification from relevant authorities before they can start sharing their food, after-which they are assigned badges on their profiles. Therefore, you are safe to order food using Home Cooked Food App in Singapore. Don’t wait for that tummy to start grumbling, pick up that phone already and make your home cooked food order.