Avast is a popular antivirus program and system protection software used around the world today. It helps to prevent virus from having access into a computer. However, the “Avast UI Failed to Load” error message is a common error message encountered by Windows 10 users. This message pops up on the screen when a user is trying to install a software that’s corrupted or has virus in it. Sometimes, it could also be that some module of the programme such user is trying to install conflicts with Avast.

In a situation like this, simple steps can be followed to fix the error. But before then, let’s highlight some of the causes of this error message;

1. Interference from third-party programs: Certain programs may be conflicting with some module of the Avast.

2. Remote Desktop Services: These services allow a user to have control over certain features/programs on the computer. If the service is not enabled, your system may pop up the “Avast UI Failed to Load” error message on the screen.

3. Corrupted file: If you are trying to install a corrupted file or software, this error may be encountered.

So, let’s talk about;

How  To Fix the “Failed To Load Avast UI” error In Windows 10

Follow these simple steps to fix “Avast UI Failed to Load” error you may encounter while working on your system;

1. Update your Windows: Outdated Windows will prevent Avast UI from loading. It’s important to ensure your Windows 10 is up-to-date. To do this,

i. Open the Start Menu and Click on “Settings”. 

ii. Under “Settings”, click on “Updates and security”

iii. Under here, click on “Check for Updates” 

iv. Click on “Download and Install”. This will enable you to download the latest version of Windows 10 updates on your computer.

2. Restart Avast Anti Virus Services

Follow these simple steps to restart Avast Antivirus Services;

i. Click on Win + R together at a time

ii. Open the “Run” dialog box, type “services.MSC”, then click “OK”

iii. Hover the mouse over to “Remote Desktop Services” under the “Services Console”, and press “Enter”

iv. After pressing the “Enter” button or double click, change the Startup type to “Automatic”.

After this, check if the service is running. Then, restart your computer and open Avast. The error message must have disappeared by now.

3. Repair or Update Avast

To repair or Update Avast, follow these simple steps;

i. Click on Win +X together

ii. A prompt will pop up to select from the list. Click on “Applications and Features”

iii. You’ll see Avast Antivirus product in the list. Select the option with “Avast” and uninstall.

iv. Click on “Update”  and follow prompt response to update the Avast Antivirus programme.

v. Restart the computer, and also download Avast interface

4. Uninstall And Reinstall Avast

i. Download the Avast uninstaller, and run it.

ii. A prompt will ask you to start windows 10 in safe mode. Click on “Yes” to start your windows in Safe Mode

iii. Click on “Yes” again to confirm your selected option after which your computer will reboot. The Operating System will also boot in safe mode. After this, the Avast removal program will open immediately.

iv Click on Avast installation directory and the appearing product.

v. Click on “Uninstall”.

vi. Reboot the system by clicking on “Reboot Computer”

vii. Download Avast Installer and run it. This will enable you to reinstall the antivirus software on your system. However, if you’re using a premium or paid version of Avast, you must log in to the programme for authentication.