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Everybody who is exhausting WordPress for the website or blog hosting at one point has interacted with PHP. There is a possibility that you will never comprehends the basis of PHP since everything occurs at the backend. We increase the functionality of a WordPress site by add plugins.

PHP version 7 was launched in 2015, and if you were keen enough, you noticed that most of well-known WordPress hosting firms such as Bluehost switched to version 7.

As the end consumer, the version of your website PHP actually matters as it has the potential of increasing the speed of your blog or website significantly. Through this publication, you as freelance web designer singapore will acquire the basis of PHP and how to distinguish the PHP version driving you website.

This is essential even those who don’t have the technical knowledge on means to refining the general performance of the website. If you are preparing to upgrade the PHP version of your site in days to come, being certain of which version is compatible with your website will largely contribute to the cost of your upgrade.

Way before launching PHP version 7, most of the hosting organization were exhausting version 5.6. In reality, as we speak, chance are that you are even your blog is running on 5.6 version.

PHP 7 is a substantial performance enhancement compare to PHP 5.6. In fact, PHP 7 enable your website page load at a higher speed than that of offered by PHP 5.6.

In short, if your web hosting is compatible with PHP 7, you should consider switching to the latest version.

How to discover the PHP type of your WordPress website

There is a meek plug and play plugin that highlight the present PHP version running your website. On the WordPress homepage you can locate “Display PHP version” tab and set up the plugin. When  the plugin is activated, head to the WordPress homepage and the version of PHP version will be displayed under “at a glance” unit.

If you PHP is not up to date, it important you upgrade to the lasted PHP 7 version. However, carry due diligence to be certain that your website is compatible with version 7. Otherwise, if your plugins are not compatible, chance are that your site will break.

If your themes and plugins are periodically updated, then your WordPress blog or website is compatible with PHP 7. But by accident the site breaks, you can easily downgrade to the most compatible version.