Optimising the website written content is based on a set of factors that the texts have to fulfil in order to achieve the desired results. In fact, the written content is nothing by the arrangement of words in a particular order, in a particular structure, in a particular formatting style, and with some focus on some words called keywords. Actually, these keywords aren’t the last thing to care about; they determining factors at the point they need to be chosen and used carefully. Therefore, the choice of the keywords should obey some constraints, or better call them rules.

Defining the concept of keywords:

In essence, it is the combination of two words “key” and “word”. It defined as the word (the group of words) that helps to understand the meaning of the related material, whether it is a text, an image or a media.  In the World Wide Web environment, the keyword has the duty of helping to locate and find the desired material using the keyword as a search factor.

Defining the concept of relevancy of keywords:

The keywords relevancy is determined according to some rules. It refers to the keywords impact as primary, secondary… The primary keywords have to be directly related to the content, in opposition to generic words that can apply in many fields that can be very different. In other words, the keywords should not be confusing.

The generic keywords can perfectly apply as secondary or lower ranked keywords. They help the search engine to locate the content by applying them as a wider filter.

The optimizing process requires knowing the rank of each keyword to use in order to know the respective densities. It is important to know that the “keywords” meta tags contain all the keywords defined in the content, the search engine will then determine the primary and the secondary.

Choosing the keywords:

The choice of the keywords is an easy task if performed properly. First, the keywords have to be related to the field. Then using the available tools such as statistical results about the most searched keywords will determine the pertinence of the picked keywords.

The fact is, the primary keywords must have a high score as researched keywords, the secondary keywords would have a less recurrence in the research pages. Moreover, the secondary keywords should not exceed a particular number (10 samples) in order to produce the desired impact.

It is important to choose the keywords that are easily included in meaningful phrases, which means they can be used as they are. This is critical when it is about phrases keywords; they should be included without adding prepositions or changing the words order. If it is not the case, it is better to change the keywords. Some others techniques can be used to keep them and use them; they are related to the SEO techniques to work with keywords.


Choosing the keywords is a determining phase because it will set guidelines for further work, especially the process of content creation. The time and the effort that you spend on this phase will have its results in further steps because performed properly, this phase will set your perfect guidelines. Still unable to decide on which keywords to use? Hire our freelance web designer Singapore to solve your issue today.