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Creating an online presence has become a critical option for business owners.  whether they are companies, individuals or governmental agencies, Web actors have projects they need to realize through the online portal. The idea is to launch a website that contains whatever they need to be seen by other people.  They may not use ready to launch templates but build they own website. Once again, this option may require recruiting a third party -web designer-  to handle the task. If that is the case, there are some factors they should know about the recruited party before proceeding.

The price factor:

Usually, customers go for the lowest price because they want to save budget. Some web design agencies offer low prices to attract more customers but it has bad consequences on the quality of the work. In fact, low price can implicate:

  • Bad reputation.
  • Low quality

Reasonable prices associated with clear invoices are more reliable than low prices that result in failure.

The experience factor:

The contacted web design agencies have to demonstrate his experience in the industry. They should have a portfolio of live and efficient websites to show to their customers. The ideal is that they are involved in the marketing strategy and their prints are very critical to the success of the business. The web design agencies experience in your particular field is highly preferred.

The knowledge factor:

Indeed, this a very important factor that web design agencies have to confirm. They should know about the latest web design topics; they must be aware of compatibility, responsiveness, W3C validation, and standards. Besides, if they do not have some ideas to propose, it can be penalizing.

The availability factor:

The web design agencies must have a great communication. Being easy to get in touch with is a good sign of reliability. It builds the trust bounds and makes updates about the progress easy. The web design agencies availability is indeed the proof of their powerful presence and ensures a certain transparency.

The staff factor:

A freelance web designer singapore should demonstrate the proficiency and the variability of the working staff. Since website creation is a process that goes from mockups creation to writing the codes, web design agencies have to confirm that each step is assigned a specialized and proficient group.




Choosing a webdesign agency is not a so difficult, yet it has to be done carefully. The several factors enumerated above are compiled in order to help; it is possible to look for other factors which are deep details of the agency organization, turnaround. In sum, they are details to discuss with the shortlisted parties.