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To be viewed by users, a website needs to be stored in a definite location. This location is usually provided by a third party called web host or web hosting provider. The web host is, therefore, an operator able to allocate a storage space on a server to store a set of web pages constituting a website. Whether you are running an online business or just a portal for your freelance web designer singapore, the website should respond to a particular chart. Then, designers are likely to look for the fitting web host in order to comply with the overall purposes of the website. Here are some selected criteria that would be of great help when looking for the best web hosting provider.


Determining choice factors:

There are some factors that you should consider when looking for the best web hosting provider that fits your purposes. Yet, there are several factors that are mandatory, no matter the business you want to run is.

Factor 1: The business needs.

Knowing the business needs is the first factor to consider when looking for a web hosting provider. In fact, the type of business you run, e-commerce, for example, may need particular features (security, respectable storage volume) and requires a rigorous support and assistance. Then your web host should offer something reliable in this context.

Factor 2:  The uptime factor.

This factor defines the reliability of the server. In other words, it describes how often or how less the server goes down and is not working. Since timeouts can kill your business, it is important that you investigate for the most reliable servers.

Factor 3: Bandwidth capacity:

This factor influences directly the amount of traffic that can go to your website. With limited bandwidth, the website visibility is condemned. Actually, every business has to ensure a minimal amount of traffic to achieve the minimal success.


Factor 4: Supported applications.

The web hosting provider can limit the number and the type of supported applications and plugins that you want or you need to install on your website in order to achieve the desired purposes. This is somehow related to knowing exactly what you want to achieve and how you can achieve it.

Factor 5: Email management.

It is an important factor for email marketing campaigns and newsletter management. In fact, the best management of the bounce rate, autoresponding, email scheduling and personalizing can dramatically increase the success rate and lead to the better achievement.

 Factor 6: Security and backup assistance:

This factor is very important. The web hosting provider has to prove his reliability regarding security with up to date security applications and rigorous monitoring. The backup services are also critical in case of breaches and loss of data.

Factor 7: Price and upgrades.

Most of web hosting providers have their particular pricing scales and upgrade options. With the budget you have allocated, you may opt for the most affordable considering the previous factors.


Choosing a web hosting provider seems to be a very important step that business owner has to conduct carefully. The ultimate option is to adapt the web design to the available services. With that said, web design will be definitely influenced at the upstream level by the web hosting services.