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The web design and the web development disciplines aim to offer the best UX to ht internet users and thus to obtain the best scores regarding the SEO principles, generate the effective amount of traffic, and achieve the highest success rate for the business. This goal requires the creation of the appealing interactive interfaces since users like to perform actions on the websites and witness the results. There are needs to create the best interactive interfaces in order to fulfil the user’s expectations. It is, therefore, to know how to create them effectively and what are the best practices that help to achieve the best results.

What are the Interactive interfaces?

The interactive interfaces are the interface where the users can perform tasks in order to obtain some results. The idea is to allow the users to enter some values through the keyboard or create events by using the mouse, or whatever action using input tools. The program behind the interface will then perform specific tasks in response to the inputs. The system would seem to communicate with the user creating a virtual relationship bounds.

The components of the interactive web interfaces:

The interactive interfaces have four main components which are, indeed, essential for the module to be qualified as interactive. These components are:

  • input elements: allow the user to create and enter the inputs.
  • input handler: the modules that will perform the computing tasks.
  • output handler: the modules that will receive and display the outputs.
  • container: the dedicated frame that supports the whole interactive application.

The creation of the interactive web interfaces:

The creation of the interactive web interfaces should consider two factors:

The front-end elements:

The front-end elements are what the users will interact with. The design and the positioning of the applications within the overall layout have to be harmonious. It is important to use the scripting language that doesn’t increase the loading time of the page. Otherwise, the whole work will be doomed. In the interactive web interfaces, the use of JavaScript as a scripting language and the SWF players are the best options.

The back-end elements:

The back-end elements designate the modules that will handle storing the results of the interactive sessions for future analysis. The best communication with the database is ensured by a few queries and some light tables. No need to staff the handlers with variables and as many queries. The fewer is the best. The idea is always to keep the loading speed at reasonable rates in order to keep the users logged on.


The interactive web interfaces are good tools to improve the user experience and the visibility of the website. To implement, you may engage our freelance web designer. Somehow,  they are a double-sided tool that can whether help or doom the business. Knowing the process interactive interfaces creation seems to be not enough. There are indeed some other practices that may ensure the highest rate of success.