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One of the major cause why WordPress is well known is contributed by of the plugins that provide your site improved functionality with an easy way of downloading and setting up. With the help of plugin collection, you as freelance web designer singapore are in a position to implement complex digital activities with least sweat- that a triumph for each one!

On the other hand, there are occasion where you are required to entrance the foundation code of your site. If your website is infected with malevolent malware, you bring up to date a plugin, and it end up crashing your site or you desire to male some unconventional customized modifications, deletion your source code may be the subsequent course of action to carry out.

There are several procedures to access the foundation code of your site. For those who have not interacted with WordPress. There exist two process you can execute at the moment.

Editing HTML in your WordPress website

Most importantly, it very essential to first highlight how to gain access to the HTML code of your site. It not essential to access the foundation code of your site if your aim is to edit the HTML on a particular post or page. All that is required of you is to change from the visual editor to the text editor that is backend in every page or post. The editor will highlight the HTML that is functioning behind the sight.

With the help of a text editor, you are in position to access, alter, or update the HTML on every post and page by just clicking. What if you wish to edit the HTML located at the homepage? This is simple as you are require to go to the appearance tab>widget and change the content in the distinct widget section.

Editing HPH and CSS in WordPress

Is there a possibility of editing both PHP and CSS in WordPress? Yes!

There two procedures to access both the PHP and CSS of your WordPress site.

  1. The WordPress code editor

If your website is still running and functional, you are in a position to access the website foundation code through WordPress editor located under the appearance section. You can now be able to make changes to the PHP file to a design you deem it fitting and according to the layout of your site.

  1. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

This is a way of retrieving the whole foundation code of your website. It is essentially significant while carrying out the PSD to WordPress work.