Generally, the latest version of Windows computers do not support PS4 controller except through the use of cable. As a first time user, you may experience difficulty using the PS4 controller with your Windows. However, it’s not a thing to worry about. Usually, the cause of this is minor and can be corrected in few steps. Sometimes, all you need to do is go over your controller settings and check the configuration. Other time, your PS4 controller may not work on a Windows 10 due to old drivers in your system.

Here in this guide today, we’ll explain reasons why you might encounter such difficulty with your PS4 controller and how you can fix the bug.

Does Windows 10 PC support the PS4 DualShock 4 controller?

Third party controllers like the DualShock 4 PS4 controller do not work with Windows 10. This is because Microsoft only encourages users to use their own controller known as Xbox. However, this does not mean there’s no way you can make your PS4 controller work with your Windows, and it’s not even that difficult. In this article, you will be taught how this can be done easily.

Why your Windows is not detecting the PS4 controller?

If you have any difficulty connecting your PS4 controller to your windows, this could be as a result of one of the following reasons;

1. PS4 controller is off or low on battery

If your computer is not able to detect the PS4 controller, it could be that your controller is off or the battery is low below 10%. You must ensure your controller is ON before it can be connected wirelessly to your computer. If it’s not OFF, it could be that the battery is low. Charge the PS4 controller for about an hour and connect again. If it works, it’s likely to be as a result of low battery level.

2. Driver issues

Your computer may also not be able to detect your controller if the driver is outdated or not compatible. So, you must ensure that your Operating System is updated and the USB ports are working perfectly.

3. Bluetooth signal interference

Signal interference is one of the prominent disadvantages of wireless technology. When you’re connecting the controller to your system, ensure that no other Bluetooth device around you is switched ON.

4. Bad USB port

In a wired setup, your USB cable might have damaged or the port is not functioning again. Sometimes, the cable might have cut inside and no trace will be left outside. The USB port you’re using could have been damaged too.

How to fix PS4 controller not detected by the PC

Try the following procedures to fix a PS4 controller not detected by the PC;

1. If your controller is connected via Bluetooth, make sure your controller is ON. If the controller is off or the battery is low below 10%, it can not be detected by your computer. 

2.  Ensure your PC drivers are not outdated, incompatible or corrupted.

3. Disconnect the controller from the Windows Bluetooth settings. Just go to your computer settings, Click on “Bluetooth & other devices”, and search for your controller in the list. Then, disconnect it. However, if you’re connecting your controller to your system via cable, you may discard this step.

4. Use DS4 Windows. Here, the DS4 Windows servers as a third-party software and acts like Xbox to “fool” the system into believing that you are using Xbox.

5. Sometimes, you might need to change the cable. Some cables could have had fault and appear like they are working fine. If you have another USB cable for your phone or other device at home, try it and see if the cable is the problem.

6. If none of the solutions above works for your controller, you might need to replace your controller. The controller may be the problem and not other software or hardware devices.