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Facebook is unarguably a leader among many social media platforms available today. With over two billion active users every passing month, Facebook has become a part of the lifestyle of most people across the world. But while most people can’t do without visiting their Facebook page everyday because of the many attractive features that keep users fixated on this giant social media platform, many users often experience some Facebook glitches such as Facebook newsfeed not loading or working on their Android or iPhone devices or even on their desktop computers. 

These issues of Facebook newsfeed unable to update maybe due to one or more problems such as poor internet connection, incorrect time or date on your device, Facebook maybe down due to bug attack, insufficient RAM on your Android or iPhone device, or where you have reached the end of Facebook’s data or cache memory on your smartphone. Any of these problems shooting Facebook newsfeed not updating or loading error may be fixed by trying out one or more of the following tricks:

Check Your Internet Connection

Maybe checking your internet connection should be your starting point if you’re looking to fix the problem of Facebook feed not loading. A slow internet connection may make your Facebook page not to load or update. You can refresh your data connection if you’re using network data simply by going to the data connection setting on your device and turn it off and later turn it on after a couple of minutes and afterward check if your Facebook newsfeed has started to load or else, continue with the following steps.

Check and Fix Date and Time Settings if Incorrect

Facebook newsfeed update works based on the time and date settings on your device. If the time or date setting on your phone or your personal computer is incorrect, you create confusion for Facebook thereby making its news feed update or loading not to work. If this is the problem with your device, go to the time and date setting and choose auto update and the problem should be fixed almost instantly. 

Check and Fix Facebook Newsfeed Preference

By default, Facebook newsfeed presents the most recent posts on your wall, but if the setting has changed to ‘popular or top stories’ then you get to see only popular posts – even outdated posts but popular – rather than recent posts. Therefore, check and make sure you set your Facebook news feed preference to default if you’re looking to fix the problem of Facebook feed not loading. 

Check and Fix Cache and Data Overload

If your smartphone has exceeded Facebook’s data and cache memory because it has gathered many data and cache files, your newsfeed may not load or update. Clearing the Facebook app data and cache files from your smartphone fixes the problem. 

Check and Update Facebook App

Like other apps, bugs or technical glitches often hit Facebook causing the platform to slow down and when this happens, an update is released in a record time to fix the issue. If automatic update isn’t a preference on your device, Facebook newsfeed may not load or work. Updating the Facebook app on your phone can make the application to start working the way you expect. 

If none of the issues discussed above fail to fix the problem of Facebook news feed not loading or working, it may be that your device does not have enough memory to power the main application and if this applies to you, you may need to uninstall the main Facebook app and instal the Lite version to keep accessing and enjoying the great features and experience on Facebook.