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If you’re creating a website for your business, the obvious expected result is a boost for your business. However, this is not the case for many first-time or newcomer site builders. There are many reasons for this, from choosing the wrong type of website to simple setup errors. Read on for how to make sure your WordPress site is maximizing your business.

Sell Directly Online

Whether your product is tangible or intangible, you can sell it through WordPress. Or, more specifically, through WooCommerce, WordPress’s e-commerce partner. Not only does this bring you SEO-optimized selling tools, but it’s one of the easiest ways to get started selling online.

Selling should be your first goal regarding any business website. If your business isn’t easily translated to online sales (a handyman or hair stylist) you can still offer users the opportunity to interact by scheduling appointments or purchasing gift certificates.

Blog About Relevant Topics

Since WordPress began as a blogging platform (and still excels in this area), it can be tempting to use your business site as a personal blog. While this can be great in a very narrow field of business where your personal life is your brand, in most cases it’s a bad idea. If you sell handmade soap, your customers don’t really want to find an angry rant against an ex on your blog.

What they’d love to see, on the other hand, is a thoughtfully and clearly written blog post about a new and exciting skin-care ingredient. Relevance is key when your business site features a blog. It’s all about common sense. Before you post, imagine you’re a customer. Would you want to read what you’re about to write? If there’s any doubt, don’t post it. If you’re stuck for relevant ideas, try a quick Internet search on your business field or craft – you’ll probably come up with enough content to keep your blog updated for months!

ABC – Always Be Selling

This nugget of advertising school wisdom is as true today as it was in years past. Even your blog posts should offer a direct and easy to navigate way for users to purchase something. Each photo should link to a product or service, without being pushy.

Remember that you have much more to offer than what is for sale right now on your website. WordPress has great tools which allow you to present visitors with a pop-up box offering to sign them up for your email list. While this isn’t a sale, it’s an active interaction which, hopefully, will lead to sales down the road as you send out emails announcing sales, discounts or other special offers. Just remember to avoid spamming your clients – you don’t want them to unsubscribe!

Keep it Current

In today’s increasingly Internet-dependent world, an outdated, unattractive or unresponsive website is a huge turn-off for users, and a quick way to lose business. Spend a bit of extra time, regularly scheduled, on updating and optimizing your site – it will pay off! No time to do this? Let a freelance web designer singapore handle this for you.