The CE-33984-7 error code is an internet connection error code that is specific to the PS4 console. It occurs mainly when a PS4 loses Internet connection to the PlayStation network servers. When a user begins to reconnect to the server, and the code CE-33984-7 pops up, it clearly shows there’s an error in re-establishing connection with server. This error can be as a result of a couple of reasons especially when your console is not able to obtain an IP address from your router.

If CE-33984-7 error code appears on your screen, it means that you need to troubleshoot your console and ensure the network is well-established.

Some PS4 users complain that an error message that reads “cannot obtain an IP address within the time limit” pops up on their screen while they are trying to connect to the server. This problem can be solved in simple steps;

Solution 1: Check the PSN Service Status

The error message CE-33984-7 can pop up on your screen if there is a server problem. This occurs when the PS4 tries to connect to the server and there’s no response after a long time. So, when you’re troubleshooting, be sure the problem has no connection with the PSN service status. You can visit the PlayStation Store or PSN service status page to check if your Account Management has no problem whatsoever. If however nothing is wrong with the PSN server, check the next solution for possible panacea.

Solution 2: Restart or Reset Your Router

If after checking the PSN service, and you do not see any problem with that, the next thing to check is your router. You need to ensure your router works perfectly. Usually, this can be easily detected if there are a lot devices connected to one network. In this case, you must disconnect all unnecessary devices connected to the network, to boost efficiency. If the error persists, kindly restart your router. If this doesn’t work either, you may have to reset the router.

Solution 3: Manual connection setup 

You can also fix the CE-33984-7 bug by setting up the connection manually. Follow the following steps for manual connection setup;

i. Go to Settings, and Click on “Network”

ii. Click on “Set Up Internet Connection”, and choose the connection type you’re currently using.

iii. To get full control over the values, click on “Custom”. If you’re a wireless network user, you must choose the network you want to use.

iv. You’ll be needing to setup the IP Address Settings here. If you want a custom IP address, you may input the address. If however you prefer automatic setting, click on “Automatic”.

v. A command pops up for DHCP. It asks you to choose a host name here. click on “Do Not Specify”.

vi. Under the DNS settings, click on “Manual”. Then, use “” for Primary DNS and “” for secondary DNS. 

vii. Under MTU settings and Proxy Server, click on “Do Not Use”

 After these, test the internet connection now and see if the error has been corrected. If the error persists, however, you may have to power-cycle your console. This has worked for some users who have faced similar issue in the past.