ARK: Survival Evolved is a gamer’s delight and action-packed video game released in 2017. It was developed by a consortium of game experts led by Wildcard Studios. ARK presents an adventure where players suddenly find themselves stranded on an island surrounded by hostile creatures such as prehistoric giant animals like dinosaurs. The island is disposed to natural disasters and there are unfriendly humans therein so that players must find a way to survive the potentially dangerous environment or be ready to be consumed alive. The game could be played by one player only as well as by many players. 

In recent times, there have been reports that when a player is asked to join in a multiplayer mode, an error message that says ‘’unable to query server info for invite’’ pops up. When this happens, the in-game server browser becomes empty or a least that is what players see and to continue playing the game becomes impossible. 

Well, software experts that specialise in game development have reviewed these reports and have identified some probable causes of the ‘’unable to query server info for invite error’’ message to include the following: 

1. If the auto-connecting game server changes location on a new IP address or does not exist anymore due to connectivity issues with the current game server, this error message may pop up on the screen.

2. If a Winsock becomes corrupted or broken, this error message may appear.

3. Where a player has installed a new program on the PC which occupies any of the ports dedicated to the ARK game server, the ARK unable to query server info error may be triggered.

 Any of these potential triggers of the game server error message can be resolved with ease by taking one or more of the steps outlined below:

1. Check and fix broken Winsock: If a corrupt Winsock triggers the error message, the problem should be resolved by resetting Windows sockets as follows: 

(I). Open Windows search bar and type ‘’cmd’’ and then click Run as administrator to trigger Command Prompt with administrative instructions. 

(II). Type ‘’netsh Winsock reset’’ and click enter 

(III). Allow the process to run to the end and get a confirmation message before exiting Windows. 

2. Check and fix auto-connect game server: This method can help you connect to your preferred game server automatically and thereby sidestep the error message. 

(I). Open Windows search and type Steam

(II). Launch Steam and click LIBRARY in the dropdown

(III). Right-click on ARK and choose PROPERTIES.

(IV). Look for the GENERAL tab and choose SET LAUNCH OPTIONS

(V). When it opens, look for Connect Server-IP: port entry (these are numbers) and delete it. 

(VI). Save the changes and exit Steam. Attempt to play ARK: Survival Evolved game to see if the ’unable to query server info for invite error’’ message no longer show again. If the error still pops up, try the following trick.

3. You would need to redirect port for your router by launching web browser and follow the commands to input a few information such as your IP address, username, and password. When done, click the option Enable Port Forwarding or anything like create some ports such as:

TCP/UDP Ports: 7777 and 7778 and TCP/UDP Port: 27015. Save the changes and restart your router and your PC and you should be good to go in playing your favourite ARK: Survival Evolved with your fellow players without the worry since the server error should have been fixed.