One of the critical stages in creating a mobile app involves learning how to write an app in codes or if you’ve got huge cash to spend, then, all you need to invest to get your app running is cash and time.

Kotlin is a coding language that makes the task of developing Android apps quite simple. Kotlin works better with the Android system; Google’s open source operating systems for mobile devices. Learning how to write mobile apps with Kotlin will greatly improve your understanding of Android and its basic elements. Kotlin is a game changer for apps development in Android. Kotlin is also highly compatible with Java so that mobile apps development in Android could be created both with Java and Kotlin. Kotlin is also compatible with other object-oriented coding system such as C# and a prior understanding of Java or C# can greatly help you learn Kotlin for Android with ease.

Kotlin comes with some fantastic features that minimises the possibility that the app created would develop problems during testing. For a starter in Kotlin programming language, start learning the basic features of Kotlin. These include type declarations – types in Kotlin, data classifications, singletons and null safety.

To build your first Android app in Kotlin, some basic activities in Android you must learn are: exploring how to create text, the interaction buttons and images; how to set up the development structure and navigate the anatomy of the main Android map.

Also, you must learn the different types of resources and views and how to use the Android editor for layout to fix and arrange elements as well as how to connect views with data with the use of data bidding.

Sometimes, the use of multiple screens called destinations becomes inevitable. Therefore, you must learn how to develop Android apps in Kotlin where many screens are required. And if you’re looking to build Android apps in Kotlin for everyone, you must learn how to support many languages in Kotlin and how to design an app in Kotlin that fits any size of mobile devices and orientations.

Again, one important thing is the need to learn to provide navigation supporting talkback and push button navigation to your users who might need help navigating.

Learning how to develop Android in Kotlin is available as a free course on some online learning platforms such as UDACITY and on some other platforms such as Codelabs and Pluralsight for a fee. The community of developers in Kotlin keeps increasing by the day and the use of Kotlin programming language is being made popular by major companies such as Google, Netflix, and Pinterest who have already deployed Kotlin into their operations.