Content marketing is the creation and sharing of online materials that do not promote a brand but spikes interests in the product being marketed. 90% of companies use this strategy in marketing as it leads to more sells. For it to be effective and yield good results a lot of factors come into play; this includes web design. For people to view a page, blog or video it has to be attractive and appealing to their interests. It has to be readable and easily accessible. The following factors are what determines how web design impacts content marketing:

  1. Accessibility

Information on the site should be easy to reach so that one does not have to go through a lot of irrelevant pages to get to what  lead them there. This is important as a user can quit immediately and seek the content from another more accessible site. Incorporate navigation keys, drop-down menus and tool bars that one can use to reach the desired information.

2 . Attractive visual effects.

People seek photos or videos and pictures to help them understand better. Include relevant videos and pictures in a way that one can scroll through them with the relevant information concerning each photo. Visual effects attract people to the site because it becomes, easier to understand when one can relate the content they have to a video or photo.

  1. Readability of content.

This is the ease of one to read content. While creating a site put into consideration factors like font size and colour. Use a suitable font for the body and another for the topic. Choose a good colour that compliments the font and at the same time depicts a professional look ; this makes it attractive to one reading and gives them confidence the information is legit.

  1. User friendly website

Ensure information flows in a logical manner. Include segments for content that is categorised to help one sort through information. Also ensure the browser is available and that there is ease in sorting information out. You will need to engage a freelance web designer Singapore to help you achieve this.

Aside from these four factors i have mentioned visual appearance is also important. What people see first makes an impression about what is contained in the site. Ensure the colours are appropriate and the language used is enticing. It is integral to involve these measures while creating content for marketing.