The e-commerce business depends on two main factors: the number of prospects, which describes the number of users who visit the website and the real clients those who make the desired action which is the purchase. Each aspect has a set of techniques intended to increase to an efficient level. If turning into real clients is called the conversion,  the conversion rate will be, therefore, the number of those who turn into real clients calculated upon the number of prospects. Actually, there are some techniques that can increase the conversion rate and therefore, ensure the success of the website and the e-commerce business.

Generating traffic through the website:

Traffic generation is the most important phase of any e-commerce business. In fact, without enough traffic, the success won’t occur and the business will be doomed. The traffic generation requires some techniques in order to lead more hits to your website. In sum, the traffic can be increased by a freelance web designer Singapore:

  • Proper SEO: the SEO principles are critical and should be applied at their best. This way, visitors are likely to find your business easily. The web design is also a factor of great impact on the time spent browsing the website.
  • Marketing campaigns: well-planned marketing campaigns can dramatically increase the traffic to your business platform. Applying marketing techniques, such as social media channels, PPC and ad-words can generate satisfying results.

The conversion of the prospect into the real client:

The conversion of the prospect into the client is a process that involves many techniques. They have to be applied properly to maximize the chance of converting the prospect into a client.

Accurate and HD Visuals of the product/service:

At this level, users are not in contact with the product/service. They need to see clear and pertinent images and videos of the promoted stuff. There is also the need of displaying several angles of the targeted product. It is important to make sure that the used visuals are original and represent the real thing, in use or in action.

Accurate and proper description:

The images have to be accompanied by the most consistent description. The aspects that the images can’t show should be extensively described. The description should be SEO optimized in order to contribute to driving traffic.

Discounts and associations:

It is important to offer clients some encouraging features like discounts when they order the product along with associated products (accessories) or related product. The messages “People have also bought…” and “You may also like…” are persuasive and have shown their efficacy.

Reviews, users’ rating, and users’ testimonials:

It is important to allocate some space for reviews and rating. People are likely to hear from customers who have used the product and see what they have to say about it. Allowing people to rate is also a big sign of confidence which may help the prospects to decide. Testimonials are also a certificate of efficiency.

Offer guarantees:

The test period and the “money back” process is the ultimate sign of confidence and it is the proof of the validity of the product. However, making the process hard to enroll may disqualify the business. Therefore, make the process as easy as possible with a clear description.



After the conversion process, comes the process of creating loyalty. Every process requires certain techniques and each has its importance. Yet, the conversion process techniques describe the first steps toward obtaining loyal clients.