It is now evident that anyone can get a functional website at a snap of a finger. What is not guaranteed is an eye-catching, user-friendly, accessible and customer engaging website. To achieve these, a freelance web designer singapore needs to critically consider the functionality, coding integrity, appearance and navigation demands of the website. Collectively the minding and implantation of all these qualities of the website and is termed as the interior design. This article is an overview of essential factors to achieving the best interior design of a website.

Domain Name

Here the domain name needs to be great and right. Ensure the name meets the following,

  • Easy to spell and memorable
  • Reflects and identifies the brand
  • Easily located by search engines
  1. Brand’s Logo

A good number of business icons admit that a well-designed and placed brand’s logo has an amazing effect on website visitor’s impression. The logo should be located where is easily visible preferably the upper left corner of the website.

  1. Portfolio

This is a very important page of the website as it allows you to tell your visitors who you are, what you do and most importantly why you do it. The portfolio should be organized in style making it easier for clients to find samples of work and services already accomplished and aligns most with their tastes and preferences. Also it should be simple without flash and long slideshow. The photos should be professional and should not compromise with your personality.

  1. Color Scheme

Any color applied on the website should be able to evoke emotional responses from the viewers depending on the message. Color choices are governed by the company’s niche, intended audience, branding, as well as the elements of color theory. The color should be pleasing to look at and convey your brand’s voice as well as leave the visitors

  1.      Layout and Navigation

Under this area, the design addresses the issues of how long and easily does it take for the visitors to fully access the website and retrieve whichever information needed. Also it deals with improvement of site-crawling of search engines. The navigation problems are minimized by inclusion of a site map and conduction of an in-depth site review. This can be achieve by using WordPress.


  1. Site Decoration

Site decoration main intends to achieve the structure of the site. It includes the following;

Background where by the background color that is solid and fits the brand is preferred. Font used to create the website content with suitable font and readable is picked.


The web whose interior is well designed is prolific as it makes the realization of ones goals and dreams. Thus it is important that whoever you choose to design your web should be a professional and experienced.