Mobile applications are a business of sort and they could generate steady incomes if well planned. The iPhone Operations System (iOS) and Google’s operations system for mobile devices – The Android – are the two available separate operations system for launching mobile applications and you must choose to develop your app around one and launch on it. Apps exclusively built around Apple’s iOS won’t work on Android devices and vice versa except you develop two separate apps from scratch where the two apps are coded separately based on the requirements of each operations system.

Also, the two operations systems don’t guarantee the same returns on your investment in your mobile app. Therefore, if you’re looking to create a mobile app, knowing which operations system will generate most money in return for your investment is key and here are some hints that might help you make the right choice.

Firstly, know that Google’s Android operating system dominates the global market share because most devices such as Samsung devices, HTC phones, Huawei devices, Google Pixel and many more mobile brands run on Android, but that does not suggest that your app should be built for Android.

What is the primary function of your mobile app? Which market are you targeting? If you already have an existing business with solid customer base, it is easier to choose between iOS and Android to launch your app. Simply do some research. Analyse how your existing customers access your online resources! If your customers largely use Apple devices build your app with iOS but if otherwise, build your app for the Android platform.

That said, most people in the wealthier demographic use Apple devices and not Android. Thus, if you’re building a new mobile app and you’re targeting this demographic, opt for iOS rather than the Android. Plus, research findings claim that most users of iPhone and iPads spend more money per mobile app, are more educated, and they spend more time on apps. However, if you choose the iOS system, you must constantly update your app because one of the findings of another study claims that most Apple users like to run their devices on the latest operating system which puts pressure on you to ensure your app is always compatible with the latest version of the iOS software your users use.

Despite the seeming advantage of the iOS platform compared to the Android for the monetisation of your app, the later remains a better option because you can easily find your target market among the huge groups of users of Android devices across the globe compared to the Apple platform where it might be very tough to find a target market.