Freelance web designer Singapore, in response to website owners’ requests, may or may not include some applications. In fact, the website owner may request the development of the two classical applications, the IP detector, and the Visit counter. These two applications are intended for different tasks, yet they can be complementary. Somehow, these two applications tend to be dismissed, we no longer, very often, discover that we are tracked, and what is the number of people logged in at the same time we are. But it seems that these two applications still have some interesting tasks to fulfill. So, is it important to implement an IP detector and a visit counter?

The IP detector application:

The IP detector application is based on the IP location finder functionality. This application will use the scripts and the properties of the IP location finder to provide you with the approximate location you are browsing from. The results can be passively shown, that means the location is displayed without you asking for it. Or it can be displayed on client request. 

The IP detector is a script that allows retrieving the IP of the visitor. Based on a database of geolocations provided by the internet provider systems, the IP may be matched to a particular location. The database can be updated by collecting data related to the multiple users that log on and are prompt to answer the questions about their locations.

The visit-counter application:

The visit counter is a program written in a dynamic language, usually PHP, which allows determining the number of active sessions on the website. The application will be based on a query to submit to the server. The response of the server will be incrementing “1” whenever a web page is solicited.

The interest of implementing the two applications:

  • For the business:

The two applications are important. They allow the website owner to know how popular the business is. Statistically talking, it can give an overview of the audience. The website owner will have to operate the needed updates in order to grow the business and create loyal customers among the usual visitors. It is possible to determine the highest traffic periods and operate customized updates. Knowing the origin and the respective traffic amount is a way to improve the interaction with the audience.

  • For the audience:

The visitors are more enthusiasts about the website that have a high number of visits. Of course, you can display a message that says you’re the number one, but displaying the number of visits is more effective. Visitors will be curious about the value you are offering. However, it is preferable not to tell the visitor that you know his location. This may give him the feeling of being exposed and he will have security concerns. The geolocation data should be hidden.


The two applications are important. Actually, it is not necessary to display the results of their processes, except the visit counter, which impact is positive. These two applications, among so many other that can investigate the server, are the good replacement of the analytics providers.