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Do you know what linear red switches are? These are remarkably smooth switches. They have no bump. The absence of bumps causes the keys to be consistent.

Also, when you click, you will not hear an audible sound like how tactile switches do. The lack of keypress registration feedback allows quick and twitch reaction with very little or without resistance.

Linear red switches have gained popularity with most gamers because of their linear nature, allowing gamers to release a key and spam without caring about recovering from a keystroke. The players can easily click the next keystroke, unlike with those switches with bumps. Also, double-tapping is more comfortable compared to other switches with spots.

Linear red switches may not be excellent for typing; according to many people who have tried them; this is due to their lack of feedback and long traveling keys.

The lack of feedback means that it would be hard to forecast accurately when you would have the keystroke and actuate. Hence you will have to spend much time typing since you have to ensure that each key is actuated.

The softness of these keyboards is consistent. From the time you start typing till the end, you will experience the softness without scratchy interaction.

Sometimes, audible feedback may be useful. But, what if you are typing a document and you do not want distractions from this audio? Linear switches will be the best option. These switches have subtle clicks. The other advantage is, you can lube or modify them if you want quieter sound.

By lubing, you eliminate any form of scratchiness. You will feel like your arms are floating while gaming or typing. And with no doubt, this is a great experience.

Linear red switches have a solid PCB mounting; this mounting removes lots of clacks. And the stickers enable them to be more stable.

These switches are the most robust you can efficiently operate. Their design mechanism is outstanding and offers more durability.

Unlike tactile switches, linear red switches will bounce back to their original position quicker. Their faster response is so great, especially if you are handling repetitive tasks on your keyboard.

The difference between these red linear switches and black ones is the actuation force. While the switches have an actuation force of 60, these linear red switches have 45cN. This actuation force enables quicker feedback registration. Hence, giving the linear-red switches the forefront in gaming keyboards.