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When it comes to keyboards, you will see many choices in the market, and you’ll end up getting yourself confused. So, here, we are making it easy for you by reviewing this popular Keyboard known as Keychron K1 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 4).

Keychron has introduced some very famous products among the best wireless mechanical keyboard manufacturers on the market. They have a wide variety of keyboards, but the K1 Keyboard is different from others. The Keychron K1 is a standard low-profile keyboard with many redesigns to continually improve the performance of every version of the Keyboard. The Keycron K1 V4 is a mechanically low-profile keyboard, so it has the same effect as a hybrid between a full-scale mechanical keyboard. For most applications, the Keychron K1 is the right WLAN keyboard. It is primarily of aluminum, which gives it a more stable feeling and overall comfort.



The features of  Version 4 of this Keyboard is improved than the previous versions as described below:

·      Design

The Keychron K1 has a shallow design with a grayish box and black keys, which are well-resistant to the fingerprint, and a robust taping angle. It’s very lightweight and very sleek but not as steep as other mechanical boards. Four rubber feet are also available in the bottom to keep movement to a minimum. The K1 is a dream for productivity, including all desirable characteristics into a single keyboard, an ultra-thin body (18mm), and switches for a clicky sensation. The robust mechanical transition of Gateron low profile is 48% slimmer than the standard one and requires less finger movement to comfort your finger. It requires less strength than other mechanical keyboards, reducing finger tiredness and providing extraordinary comfort in typing.


·      Compatibility

K1 functions for and is compatible with devices such as macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android. The K1 has all the necessary function keys with a unique Mac interface while also being Windows compatible. You only need to plugin without any driver. Extra keycaps gave for both Windows and Mac. You can still switch from Mac to Windows and vice versa with a switch on the backside.


·      Switches

With its elegant RGB backlight and classic icons on the keycap, the Keyboard lets you type into dark settings. With the Gateron low profile switches with version 4, they added a brown, blue and red switch to Keychron K1. Keychron K1 uses the standard interaction for the Gateron Low Profile Red switch. If this is not your option, you can get it by touching or clicking Gateron Low-Profile Brown or Low-Profile Blue switches.


·      Wireless Adaptability

Bluetooth service is available on the Keychron K1. It has a rechargeable battery incorporated. Up to three separate devices, you can pair simultaneously, and switching between them occurs via the switch on top of the table. You can connect efficiently with your smartphone, laptop, and iPad, and other devices. The Broadcom Bluetooth chipset is reliable and compatible, and suitable for homemade, office, and light gaming applications.