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Keychron is a brand that is well known for unique keyboards with different and modern features. Some of its keyboards are hot-swappable. The keyboard is hot-swappable so that you can press switches in and pull them out before even having to touch a soldering device; it is possible to use a specific socket on the PCB is the circuit board insert. Hot-swappable keyboards have many benefits and use, and this keyboard contains unique characteristics that make it perfect.


Keychron K2 Hot-swappable Aluminum RGB Wireless Mechanical Keyboard has many modern and classic features that make you a fan of it. Some of the features of this keyboard mentioned below:

Wireless or Wired

The Keychron K2 is an ultra-responsive, wireless, 84-key mechanical keyboard with the most incredible battery on the mechanical keyboard but now with hot switches to allow the per-key typing interface to be adapted without circuit boards. Links with up to 3 gadgets via Bluetooth, and easily switch between them, suits home best, and works with smartphones, laptops, and iPads. For the continuous power supply, you can choose USB type-c wired configuration. The k2 is the ideal match for any desk due to dual, that is, wireless or wired connectivity and Windows and Mac layouts. It conveniently fits up to three devices simultaneously to maximize your efficiency.



The K2 is prepared to match your unique typing experiences with Gateron mechanical switches. Whatever you want, for linear touch, you can use Red; for clicky, you can use Blue, or somewhat between them, that is Brown, you are protected. With a lasting 50 million keystroke lifetime, Gateron Blue Switches have a relaxed, clicky feeling. If you want to feel good, then this one is the right way to go.



The K2 keyboard is heavily related to the aluminum frame and base. It does not wobble or roll around on the desk mat when you tap off because of the rubber feet on the deck. Although the lower slope is approximately 9 degrees, two sets of kickstands at the base give more typing angles. Each K2 keyboard features three unique Mac and Windows keycaps. You will have the USB port to the left side of the panel, which can be connected and used directly to or charged to your device (USB-A). You can only record as many keys as you can press instantly without losing characters with an N-key rollover on wired mode.


The RGB backlighting of the aluminum framework board is standard. Crafted for over 18 forms of RGB light and features various styles that match up to your mood, breathing, or static. Keychron does, however, market a K2 edition with a regular white LED backlight. Charming RGB light with elegant legends lets you type other static color rear light mode in an extravagant setting. With a 4000 mAh large battery, the K2 will last up to 240 hours.

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