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Keychron is one of the known brands of keyboards in the market. Its different versions and types of keyboards are gaining colossal success and name for its work. People love their diversity, and here we are making it easier for you to review their Keychron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Version 2).

The K2 is an ultra wireless or wired keyboard with the highest mechanical battery on the keyboard that you need while retaining its lightweight. The Keychron K2, especially in that price range, is excellent. Although the keyboards look dated, they have advanced performance comparable to membrane keyboards, such as Bluetooth compatibility for three devices.



To know this keyboard better, you should know its specific features and qualities that make it stand out from other keyboards or choices. So, here are some features mentioned below:

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The Keychron K2 Version 2 has a design that corresponds to a mechanical keyboard’s expected straight and flat surfaces and has small bezels around the keys. The external design disparity between the original K2 and the revised version is most significant in the inclined lower frame. The revised version offers a wing configuration rather than a flat resting area, which provides a typing corner even when the foot’s slope is uncommitted. It’s simpler and more lightweight than others, which makes it an excellent travel choice. The new pitch offers a little less of a high keyboard feel, which better suits certain typing positions or wrist rests.



The K2 optimizes for your unique typing experience. To type, a low-volume keyboard is like crashing your fingers in the keyboard, while the mechanical keyboard keys operate like absorbers to lessen the finger tension. It has a 9-degree standard tilt without a kickstand for more comfortable typing. The typing interface, especially for Mac users, is extraordinary. There are some wireless mechanical keyboards, however, which don’t have Mac keycaps or have a secure Bluetooth link as with the keyboard.



The battery’s size has not changed, although the battery remains one of the largest in a¬†wireless keyboard. The 4000 mAh big battery will last up to 72 hours by typing on K2. Battery life Keychron tests the battery without the backlight at 240 hours or the backlight effects at 72 hours. During the test, this keyboard was swapped between wired and wireless modes and was never at risk of battery failure.


As with the first version of the Keychron K2, Version 2 has more than 15 different backlights RGB effects. Endearing RGB lighting with elevated legends allows you to remain focused in trendy, static white, or other stable backlight modes in a cozy environment. The Keychron K2 with aluminum frame comes with regular RGB. A white backlight version is also available, but it comes with a plastic framework that is less desirable. With a white LED backlight, you can also select static, white backlight mode with sleek legends. Long-lasting mechanical Gateron switch with 50 million keystrokes to give the clicky blue switch incomparable tactile responsiveness.