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Many enjoy mechanical keyboards for the satisfactory type-out interface they provide, but what can enhance them? You no longer have to deal with these uncomfortable cords. And while your wireless mechanical keyboard choices have been minimal in the past, you have more possibilities than before. It’s costly to mechanical keyboards, so you want anything worth your price. Aluminum is the most durable yet expensive choice, and many keyboards are composed of plastic. There is no keyboard to type, say, or a software keyboard or playing keyboard for any mission. Each keyboard should function for any job. This keychron k4 hot-swappable keyboard is best for this functioning.



Keychron K4 hot-swappable aluminum RGB wireless mechanical keyboard features mentioned below:

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Hot-swappable means to personalize and only apply to your typing without soldering. The fully functional K4 has 100 necessary keys in a compact design. With pre-installed Gateron Mechanical switches, the hot-swap option provides the freedom to personalize the typing expertise without soldering. Connects and switches between up to three devices via Bluetooth. K4, which combines your mobile, laptop, and iPad, is suited for home, office, and play. It has a USB Type-C connection in wired mode.



The K4 is modified to accommodate your focused typing experience, pre-installed with Gateron mechanical switchers. K4 may not be fitted with PBT keycaps but provides additional switch variants, including the LK Optical Blue, red, brown, and Gateron Blue switches. It is dimensional, tactile, that is, Blue, or a bit in between; no matter anything you want, it is protected! We want to ensure that you get the same input for every keystroke over a lifetime of 50 million keyboard strokes.



The keyboard features a charming white LED backlight, with the traditional keycap icons synchronized by your state. You can select from aluminum or plastic frames for both panels, with a white backlight or full RGB. K4 seems to have more than 15 types of backlight RGB choices with which you can operate. A mood-synchronized keyboard to keep you comfortable and efficient. Cycle quickly with the light bulb key to various backlight schemes. Playful RGB lighting with classic icons allows focusing on a sleek, stable backlight feature in the dark atmosphere.


With a 4,000 mAh large battery, which is among the most extensive mechanical keyboard, K4 can last up to 24 hours to type. Wired mode N-key rollover (NKRO) or wireless mode 6KRO. The K4 makes it much easier to tweak emails or write a story in the lower frame. The Del key bases as customer reviews have been shifting specific caps to secure the led indicator. All critical multimedia and feature keys are provided convenient accessibility by the K4.

No driver is required for plug and use. Extra keycaps are provided for both Windows and Mac.