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Keychron manufactures high-quality Mac mechanical wireless keyboards. Their keyboards have become a dream and passion for millions of people. Their keyboards have changed many people’s lives as they are comfortable and easy to use and carry out. They have offered different types of keyboards with various features and compatibility, so it is easy for them to choose their keyboard from their broad range.

In a compact design with 100 given the key, K4 has a full-size feature. It is showcasing two premium switch options that allow full productivity and excellent touch typing.



Keychron K4 wireless mechanical keyboard has comprehensive features with extraordinary quality. It might be expensive for some, but their features are worth it. Some notable features that make this keyboard outstanding mentioned below:



You have many important options for the switches, and you look at both Gateron and optical switches. The Gateron route has a range of possibilities such as red, yellow, blue, and brown. K4 also has a Gateron control to pick for fans of elegant and comfortable typing. You can choose between linear, clicky, or something between Gateron switches. Blue or red optical switches may use for the optical route. These switches have great functionality in both cases.



The K4 offers two construction options like aluminum and plastic. The plastics are dense and durable enough to reduce flexion. The metallic base, by comparison, is as heavy as a stone. The brown or gray keycaps look esthetically professional and overall sound. They also throw into the escape and arrow keys with an additional orange key. It’s swift to swap the buttons. LED and non-LED board models are also available. The LED version has four levels of luminosity adjustable, and the luminous setting. Indeed, the K4 contains three additional keycaps which allow you to exchange them for various operating systems. The base has some ergonomically rubberized feet that are well built. They are excellent at maintaining the board at the level.



When you type, key typing and spacing are pretty standard and stable, suitable for precision. The difference in sensation between standard and mechanical keyboards is instantly apparent. Typing with the LK Optical Brown switches on this keyboard looks impressive. Every keystroke has an audible click and a tactile impact, and it is a much more enjoyable experience, as conventional as that definition sounds. The ABS keycaps feel great to type in but not as good as PBT keycaps and have a lot of tactile feedback. The typing feels light and sensitive and should not be tired for a more extended time.


Wired or Wireless

This keyboard is compatible with all devices such as windows, mac, android, etc. Another defining advantage of the K4 is that wired or wireless feature operates. In wired and wireless modes, the K4 functions reasonably significant. In wireless, the K4 has Bluetooth; the keyboard has multidevice variations, enabling you to simultaneously combine three devices, making it easy to switch from one device to another to improve multiple tasks. You will connect to USB-C when you go to a wired link. But it is based on a 4000mAh battery when you are in wireless mode.