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Keychron is fundamentally an innovative brand in the world of keyboards and technology. Providing the latest and modern features in their devices offers a new life for these keyboards. Their users also vary as some are gamers, office workers, or some are daily users, and of course, they all require different and unique features but to fulfill each demand in one device is difficult, so they offer a range of keyboards from to choose.

The Keychron K6 is an accurate mechanical keyboard that is wireless. Build to optimize your workspace’s ergonomic design while preserving all multimedia and feature keys required. The Keychron K6 is perfect to use for programming. It doesn’t feel tight and tiring to use given the compact design.



Some specific and unique features of the Keychron K6 wireless mechanical keyboard mentioned below:


·      Design

The Keychron K6 has a high-profile case with the possibility of mounting aluminum bezels. Following the K6 characteristics, it assembles as lightweight, more inexpensive, or a more durable, more costly aluminum base. The aluminum base gives a broader sensation to the keyboard and can be smoother if the keyboard is intended primarily on the one hand. It has two tilt configurations that can help to stop fatigue. Unfortunately, the keycaps are ABS plastic, which is pretty cheap and draws oil out of your finger and makes them very slippery.


·      Switches

A number of alternators, including Red, Blue, Brown Gateron, or LK Optical, are provided for the K6. The favorite feature of the K6 keyboard is the hot switch option. You can choose the kind of sensation you want, whether linear, clicking, or responsive with the various switches. Swapping keyboard switches is simpler than ever.


·      Typing

The Gateron Brown switches give an excellent type-experience. The buttons are lightweight and have a critical touch. If you find a keyboard that can connect many devices and deliver a good typing experience with several types of controls, this choice is very slender. It’s so flexible and not tired to type on, which is cool because it is so compact.


·      Wireless or Wired

Both wireless and wired options are available on the keyboard. Bluetooth can be used and can be paired with up to three devices simultaneously. The K6 is ideal for home, office, and light-gaming usage when linking to your smartphone, laptop, and iPad with its massive and powerful Broadcom Bluetooth connectivity. The USB Type-C connection is also provided in wired mode.


·      RGB

The K6 is available in two varieties of the backlight, white with full RGB. Charming RGB illumination with elegant legends helps keep your attention focused in a stylish setting; you can also choose a different static color backlight. They guide colors and lights via hotkeys properly. It seems there is much light from the outside of the keycap, not the cap itself, which is only partially illuminated by the LED.