This is for everyone willing and desiring to make their effort count in web design by knowing what really counts in this industry. A number of times ideas are limited by how little someone knows. However, this piece of writing has brought you a different story.

To begin with, one of the basic knowledge you need to get started or even keep you going on the path of web design is knowing and understanding that web design is like a two sided coin. This is to say, there are two sides of web design each developer must be aware of.

The first side never to be missed is known as the front-end development. Better still, you can call it the client-side development. Obviously, from the latter you already have an idea what this might be all about. Well, front-end development of web design is the specific and careful coding done to a website by putting all the features needed by the intended users. Hence, the name client-side.

It is at this stage of web design that specific and essential programs are used to ensure that the websites created get the right coding that would allow the website users to effectively utilize any sites created.

Programs that include Java, CSS, HTML, in addition to several others are used to do the coding of the websites and making them user friendly at all times.

Secondly, all web designers must be alive to the other side of web design called the back-end development.

The back-end development is basically about monitoring and keeping the websites under control by ensuring that they are providing the services to the clients as were intended. And in doing so, three major factors take the centre stage of the development. Such factors are server, application and the database.

So, everything done in back-end development revolves on how those three work together in delivering the needed services in front-end development. Thus, there is also a specific coding done to ensure that websites are kept up to date at all times through the creation of dynamic websites, where data can be stored with ease as well as kept updated or upgraded.

Among the programs used in back-end development are PHP, SQL, Python, Ruby on trails, Java alongside others. It is with the help of such programs that business logic and data calculations are made possible in website management.

In a nutshell, knowing about the two sides of web design is knowing what counts in web design. Otherwise, this knowledge must be giving you energy and zeal to get started already on your journey to success in web design.