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The Leopold brand is a great deal to acquire. Being a full-size keyboard, it comes with some advantages that not all keyboards have. It has some extra keys and a media control system.

From the outside, the case is a beautiful plastic case from top to bottom. Though plastic, this keyboard is very durable and can support more than 80 million keystrokes.

The physical layout is the QWERTY, the best-known system, easy to type, and very ergonomic.

Both primary and control LED colors are not available, though this keyboard is still worth your every coin.

The switch stems are CHERRY MX, very popular and high-quality German switches. The actuation distance for these switches is 2 mm, and the actuation force is 60 cN. They are linear i.e, they have no bumps. They are so soft and consistent from the beginning of your clicking to the end.

If you are a gamer, these switches can be a great deal for you if you want an enjoyable experience. The switches are either red, brown, or silent red. All these switches come with their benefits, depending on your choice and preference.

The switches are plate mounted with double PBT, and this is a guarantee of full support, rigidity, and durability.

You will appreciate the full roll-over keys. This feature enables you to press any number of keys at once, and your keyboard can detect each key. This keyboard will record each keystroke while preventing ghosting at the same time.

Thanks to the presence of multimedia keys. If you are a lover of music, you will appreciate this feature. It streamlines your music listening experience by offering keys that match an ordinary compact disk player’s control.

You can reduce or add volume using the respective buttons. Besides, there is a track skipping feature that you can click to play, pause, or click next or previous buttons.

The multimedia keys allow you to have background control. You can control your PC even if your media player is invisible.

The unique OEM profile for this keyboard is nothing less than impressive. The keys have a flat top and slightly bow in a cylindrical manner. They also slant in a way, basically to accommodate your fingers as you curve them while typing.

The USB cord length is 70 inches. This cord allows communication between the keyboard and your PC at a very high frequency of 1000Hz.

Leopold FC980M OE summer weighs 2.43 pounds. The dimensions are 5.75 inches long, 15.24 inches wide, and 1.48 inches high. It is very compact, and you can carry it along with you as you wish.