Marketing campaigns are made to promote the business supported by the online platform which is the website. The campaigns use particular techniques to help users land on the website and reach the offered products and services. The techniques are usually performed by a freelance web designer Singapore outside the website, though they have to generate leads and create traffic. The website, on the other hand, has its already set design and obeys some constraints. Considering the overall web design, which has to reflect the business, the marketing campaign has to obey to some factors and among them, the constraints implicated by the adopted web design.

Marketing campaigns techniques:

Marketing campaigns are intended to promote the business. They aim to grow the audience and increase the outreach of the business. The process requires performing certain techniques which are supposed to achieve the designed goals. There are many techniques that can be used, but they can be summarized as follow:

  • Use the social media channels: this technique allows spreading the word across the social media community.
  • Use emotional messages: the emotional messages are considered as a powerful call to action. They investigate the empathy within people.
  • Offer free products/services along with the main product/service. Customers will guess their benefits if they take the actions.


Web design constraints:

Web design produces the website or the platform where should land users when they follow leading links or when they simply type research keywords on search engines. The proposed interface can be appealing or can be repulsive. The web designer should be aware of the UX principles and has to obey the graphic charter in order to produce the most appealing and attractive designs. The good web design, the unique and the outstanding design, is an efficient target; marketing campaigns likely to be easily designed and successfully rolled.

Web design and marketing campaigns:

The previous paragraph leads to saying that web design can affect marketing campaigns and that effective marketing campaigns have to consider web design in the first place. Indeed, web design contributes, enormously, in the success of the marketing campaigns and this because:

Web design is a visibility factor:

Web design is related to the W3C and SEO principles; it obeys the UX elements. The web design will, therefore, affect the way the search engines will display the website in the result pages. Moreover, the responsiveness of the website is also a determining factor, which may doom the whole business if it is not done properly.

Web design is a trust factor:

Marketing campaigns have to promote trustworthy products/services, and the first proof of the trustworthiness is the professional web design users land on. Users would be attracted to the website and are likely to convert into clients instead of staying at the prospects level.

Web design is a reference:

Users are attracted to well-performed and well-organized campaigns. The web design they land on has to be in perfect compliance with the efforts deployed in the campaigns. When they are lead to the website, users will automatically compare the marketing message and what they actually found.


It is obvious that the marketing campaigns are tightly related to the web design they are promoting. Indeed, the adopted strategy should be inspired by the design. Otherwise, the web design has to be updated according to the marketing strategy.